June 30, 2016

Coderus and ISO9001


On June 15th this year, Coderus received its ISO 9001:2015 certification following several months of effort supported by consultant Andy Mills of Applied Risk Management Ltd, and external auditors IMS International.

ISO 9001 is a quality standard that focuses on ensuring that a business delivers a consistent level of quality to its customers by having well defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures that become part of the culture of the organisation.

Coderus has always believed in running a quality operation, and we wanted to prove our ability to produce quality software. We thought it was time to prove it, not only to our existing clients perhaps, but more importantly to help stimulate interest from new ones. Our quality culture is built around the use of world class design management and QA test tools, but more importantly, senior members of the team where second best is just not acceptable.

Both our consultant Andy Mills and the external auditor were quick to recognise this and it made the business operations part of the certification relatively straight forward. This allowed us to focus more on the non-functional governance aspects which were generally in existence but needed pulling together into a more coherent set of processes.

The key principles we have learnt to ask ourselves have been; ‘is it under control’, ‘is it efficient and effective’, ‘can it be improved’ and that we could demonstrate we were doing all these things. It’s good to see the team adopting these principles more often now.

Andy Mills of Applied Risk Mangement Ltd, said, “Coderus recognised the benefits of ISO 9001 certification as a way of demonstrating to its customers how well the business is run. Their existing well controlled processes meant that implementation was straight forward and their UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification is well deserved.”

Mark Thomas, MD of Coderus said, “It was great that this certification programme was completed on schedule and confirmed that our existing development and Quality Assurance test processes were already in good shape. I’m very pleased to have reached another milestone in the establishment of Coderus as a quality organisation that adds to our credibility”.