May 23, 2016

Coderus hosts Google I/O Extended at Adastral Park


Last week, Coderus hosted its second Google I/O Extended event at Adastral Park. The event consisted of developer demos and a viewing of the keynote, followed by a panel session. Coderus Android developers worked on a simple app to create, manage and answer surveys on mobile and wearable devices. The ‘Feedback’ app allowed users to answer surveys using a Moto 360 smartwatch on their wrist. It made full use of gestures, allowing users to flick their wrists to navigate between questions and possible answers. On the mobile side, the app allowed survey creators to monitor and track survey answers as users sent their results from their smartwatches. Another one of our demos used Google Cardboard to interact with a simple quiz game. These demos aimed to be in line with Google’s announcements at the I/O keynote.

In addition to wearables, a number of new technologies were unveiled at the keynote (including Virtual Reality), along with update announcements to Android and Android Studio. Performance, productivity and security were key points discussed at this year’s I/O keynote throughout all of the major announcements. Updates to Android and Wear focused specifically on these three pillars. Additionally, the introduction to Allo and Duo promised a refined experience for users, integrating search and assistant style features to instant messaging and real-time video calling.

I/O’s keynote also gave Google a chance to show off some of the changes introduced in Android Studio. One of our Android developers expressed interest in two particularly exciting features: the new constraint layout and the automated production of Espresso UI (User Interface) tests. He also expressed interest in Google Home, stating: “Google Home looks amazing. By moving Google Now from your phone or tablet to a device on the shelf, the barrier of its usage is greatly reduced. It will be interesting to see how it handles syncing into multiple Google accounts.”

After a successful keynote and successful Extended event, Coderus is looking forward to seeing what the latest technologies bring to the field and how they may impact software and mobile development, as well as hardware design as virtual reality starts to pick up pace in the market.

We were pleased with the attendance at out Extended event and would like to thank everyone for attending. We will host a watch party event for Apple WWDC on June 13th at Adastral Park. For more information, click here.

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