September 20, 2016

Daniel’s Coderus internship experience


I was browsing summer internship opportunities during my second year at the University of Birmingham, when I came upon a posting for an internship at Coderus. After researching the company through their website and social media posts I decided that it was a good fit for me and I applied for the Software Tester role.

Before joining Coderus, I didn’t know much about how quality assurance teams test an application, so I was eager to learn how it’s done. At Coderus, I learned how functional tests are organised and performed to ensure that every aspect of an application is thoroughly tested. I had the opportunity to use commercial project management and test case management tools, as well as some in-house tools to assist me with functional testing.

I also had an opportunity to work on adding automated testing capabilities to ongoing projects and to utilise my programming skills to help write automated tests. This helped me build on the knowledge gained on my University course and further expand it.

Coderus was a great environment to work in. Whenever I encountered a problem, I was encouraged to ask other team members and given advice, so I could solve the problem on my own if it occurred again. Throughout my time at the company, I learned a lot about testing the functionality of application components such as the UI, software features, hardware features, device compatibility, and more. I also used my theoretical knowledge of the agile software development process by working in a Scrum environment. The practical knowledge of software testing and the Scrum methodology that I have gained at Coderus will definitely be helpful in my career and in my final year at University. For my final year project at University, I intend to use the software testing skills I learned to write test cases for my project, which is going to help make my project’s report stand out.

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