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Services Provided:
Mobile Solutions
Their professionalism both in their mobile technology and its delivery helped our UNDOK team to hit their milestones and bring enhanced functionality to millions of our devices
Frontier Silicon

Our Clients : Frontier Silicon

Frontier Silicon provide technology solutions for digital radio and smart audio.

Prem Rajalingham, Commercial Officer at Frontier, said, “Frontier chose Coderus to provide the mobile optimised streaming technology to our UNDOK app and ecosystem based on their proven track record in mobile applications development.  Throughout the development and review, Coderus has gone to great lengths to ensure the whole end-to-end design performed to an exceptionally high standard, a requirement that we need to maintain robustness in wireless smart audio products.”

The App adds the ability for a user to stream their phone or tablet based personal music files to a Frontier Silicon compatible home network wireless audio device or device group.  The iOS and Android UNDOK app is supported by over 50 well known audio manufacturers displaying the ‘Powered by UNDOK’ logo, and the updated version is available from either the iTunes App store or Google’s Play store.

In addition to delivering a solution that that supports embedded module manufacturers designs, the Coderus solution successfully withstood challenging wireless environments of technology exhibitions.

About Frontier Silicon

Frontier Silicon is the clear market leader in the provision of solutions for consumer DAB digital radios – with customers including Sony, Philips, Pure, Panasonic, Roberts, Grundig, Bose, Bang & Olufsen and several major retailer own-brands.

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