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MacDX was a mirror implementation of Microsoft’s DirectX SDK, sharing exactly the same headers as the Microsoft product, for PC and XBox developers.

MacDX supported up to DirectX 9.0 and was available for PowerPC and INTEL platforms covering MacOS Classic and Mac OS X. The following DirectX API’s were supported.

Direct Draw
Direct 3D
Direct Sound
Direct Input
Direct Play

Archived information on MacDX can be found here.

About MacDX licensee’s

MacDX was licensed by companies to help speed up their porting of DirectX titles to Mac OS platform. Below are some of the games which have used MacDX when they were ported to Mac OS X

Disney / Pixar – Cars
Psygnosis – WipeOut 2097
Reality Pump – Knight Shift
Paradox Entertainment many Historical titles
Anco software – KickOff, Player Manager
Cyanide Studio – Horse Race Manager