Embedded Technologies and Systems

Embedded technologies and systems software design is a core service offered by Coderus, often complementing our Mobile Application developments.

Becoming ever more important with the proliferation of smart devices, some of it driven by IoT (Internet of Things) and big data opportunities, embedded design is expected to see high growth for the foreseeable future.

From wearable devices such as fitness bands, to home automation, TVs, set top boxes and automotive, to mention just a few, we specialise in embedded systems technology design that supports the wireless connectivity of devices. Our embedded systems wireless expertise includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, especially for audio products, working with major international chipset supplier silicon solutions.


We fully understand that compact coding, efficiency, scalability, low power and high performance are key embedded technology factors. You can be confident the all the relevant design factors will have been fully considered, optimised and implemented, resulting in a reliable and maintainable solution.

Our Embedded systems programming skills include the following:

  • C (and Embedded C variants)
  • HTML/CSS & Javascript
  • Ejscript, ESP
  • Tools developments
  • Apple device; AirPlay, Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) and Lightning Connector accessory developments
  • Networking: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE,USB and Ethernet

To find out more about our Embedded Technology Developments, call or visit our contact us page.

Case Study examples

Bowers & Wilkins Embedded Firmware Pages

Bowers & Wilkins Product Service Application

Bowers & Wilkins Product Service Application