No expert knowledge of Mac OS required

No cost in training and time to learn new API's or keeping-up with API fixes.

No need to fine-tune your product to use the specific APIs for Operating System and Machine.

Products can be brought to Mac OS in days or weeks - not months.

No need to fine-tune your product to use the best APIs for Operating System
and Machine.

Simply compile your source and link in the libraries and you're ready to go.

Easily integrates with your favourite development environment

Seamlessly Supports Mac OS X
and Mac OS Classic

Supports wide range of machines iMacs (revision B or later), G3s (blue and

white desktops or later), G4s and G5s

Seamlessly Support the INTEL and PowerPC processors without expert knowledge

Using MacDX (Direct-X® Interface for Mac OS) you can bring your product to the Mac OS platform without having to totally redevelop it.

With plenty of information and published documentation available, the Direct-X® interface is one of the most popular interfaces around. Simply compile your product source with your choice of Mac OS development environment, link in the MacDX - now you have your Mac OS version.

The MacDX interface has been specially developed to support a wide selection of machine types and OS versions. MacDX provides the key to your timely and efficient DirectX to Mac OS development.

Games ported using

MacDX technology

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