Our Markets

Coderus has worked closely with Bowers and Wilkins for many years designing their new media wireless loudspeaker applications and supporting their speaker embedded firmware designs which has led to us developing highly reusable expertise and building relationships with their supporting partners.

With this and our exceptional long term relationship with Apple, our backgrounds in BT, both as clients and employees, Coderus has expertise spanning embedded software design through to user interface design and consumer product design and delivery.

Audio Solutions

Although our audio applications are mainly focused on Apple’s iOS, based on ‘Airplay’, as would be expected of a premium audio manufacturer, we are equally happy to produce cross platform variants including Android and Windows mobile.

We have experience working with major chipset vendors including CSR, Microchip, Freescale and TI, developing on their reference designs and SDK’s.  We have recently been awarded by Microchip, specialist ‘App developer status’ for Europe, and we will be continuing to sign up to other silicon vendor partner programmes in order to create further opportunities and build knowledge.

Connected Home

With the increasing interest in home device connectivity partly driven by IoT, there are number of competing standards for connected home networking. Two examples are AllJoyn supported by QualComm, a development of AllPlay for audio device connectivity, and the ‘Thread‘ backed by Google’s Nest Labs and ARM amongst others. Once a clear leader is established, by resolving issues with reliability, compatibility, power and security, we expect to see a significant growth in home device connectivity solutions, which Coderus will be well positioned to take advantage of. This may also result in some disruptive technology opportunities perhaps through wearable technology and other evolving smart home systems perhaps to control energy consumption further.

Wearable Devices

Wearable device software is an area we are keen to exploit our skills, using our knowledge of low power wireless, as in Bluetooth LE for example, compact and efficient coding and power management. There are obvious wearable device benefits for the health sector when linked with an IoT infrastructure and ‘Big data‘ to help create predictive outcomes. For consumers, in addition to fitness bands, there is currently an increasing interest in new 3D viewer products appearing from various suppliers including Microsoft’s HoloLens and the Oculus Rift, the latter, a virtual reality head-mounted display, likely to be a hit with gamers. Also on the applications side, the Apple watch is bound to create some new and perhaps surprising opportunities.


With all these portable devices, there will be an increasing expectation that they will continue to work and perhaps interact in new ways with your car. Infotainment system exist in many cars today, but car manufactures expect to see huge growth in device connectivity in the next five years, perhaps again leading to some disruptive technologies as functionality converges.  Coderus expects to be well positioned to support these innovative new designs by providing class leading software solutions.

IoT and Smart devices

IoT covers a multitude of possible opportunities in many business sectors, whether you believe the hype or not, it’s here and likely to have a huge and potentially positive impact. At Coderus we see opportunities in M2M solutions with Smart devices where our wireless technology and power management experience is going to be key to successful implementation.

If this has stimulated your interest and generated some thoughts and ideas, we will be pleased to talk to you. Please call or visit our Contact us page.