Our Technologies : ISO 9001

Coderus maintains quality standards

Coderus is pleased to inform current and potential customers of continued compliance of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. It is recognised by our clients, especially those that also comply with ISO 9001, that Coderus is an assured supplier.  ISO 9001 certification is a key differentiator for Coderus over similar sized software development businesses.

ISO 9001:2015 is a quality standard focused on ensuring a business fulfils its obligations to its customers by having well defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures.  The system is designed to fully integrate with existing business procedures so it is now a part of the culture of the organisation.  As an ISO standard, 9001 is internationally recognised and adopted to facilitate global trade.

It’s not just for the technology sector, ISO 9001 can be adopted by any business, but it makes the most sense for SMEs and larger businesses.  It’s a fact that for many of these larger and blue chip certified businesses, ISO 9001 certification is often a requirement it expects of its suppliers.

Coderus’ own certification efforts centred on developing formal governance processes to support and oversee its already established business operations processes, including software development and Quality Assurance test processes.

Andy Mills of Applied Risk Mangement Ltd, said, “Coderus is now reaping the benefits of its ISO 9001 certification through demonstrating to its customers how well the business is run.  Their UKAS accredited ISO 9001:2015 certification, awarded by external auditors IMS International, is well deserved and it is good to see Coderus pass their annual surveillance visit with flying colours.”

Mark Thomas, CEO of Coderus said, “I’m very pleased with the outcome of our annual audit, that further demonstrates our commitment to quality, which is expected and demanded by our customers.  It adds to our credibility, helps win business and makes investment in our Quality Management System worthwhile.  Congratulations to the team, keep up the great work.”