Our certifications : Apple

While Apple doesn't currently provide any developer certifications, their products have been at the heart of what Coderus does well for many years. Mark Thomas, the founder of Coderus, has development experience with Apple technology which goes back over two decades. This included work to port DirectX based games to the Mac OS platform, a task which required knowledge of all areas of the operating system and language runtimes. Coderus has had a presence at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference since 1998, learning about developing technology trends first hand and building strong relationships with key Apple engineers. These connections are invaluable when working on the innovative ideas that we love to tackle.

Consumer expectations for the quality and functionality of apps are higher than ever, and Coderus has the extensive experience in both iOS and macOS apps to meet and exceed them. Our previous projects have included Wi-Fi management, audio processing, Apple Watch, AirPlay, WAC, and supporting the development of USB and Lightning peripherals as a development member of Apple's MFi program.

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