By: Roseanne | March 27, 2020

March has been a busy month for us here including our latest news announcement that we are now the official software partners of the Great Britain SailGP Team! This is following Great Britain’s epic win with Ben Ainslie, back in Sydney, Australia at the end of February. We were also delighted to announce that we have won a place on the Tech East top 100!

Coderus Becomes Official Software Partners of the Great Britain SailGP Team

We were very pleased to announce our official software partnership with SailGP the annual global racing championship this month. This was following the 1st 2020 annual race that took place this February across two days 28 & 29 at Sydney Harbour. SailGP is one of the best sailing events in the world, raced in modi...

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By: Roseanne | March 19, 2020

At Coderus, we have recently been considering how we approach commit messages and their role in providing documentation for a project. We previously provided some loose standards on how these messages should look - it would need to include a type, a scope if appropriate and a short message explaining the change. However, we found that while better than having no standards, the intended purpose of including commit messages was often overlooked with content being overly generic or too brief.

We want commit messages to be a useful medium for knowledge sharing, where the intention or motivation of the author can be presented with their implementations and fixes, while remaining useful when viewed as part of a commit log. To encourage this, ...

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By: Roseanne | March 18, 2020

A Message from our CEO

In light of recent events we want to assure you here at Coderus that we are doing everything in our power to support our clients and partners in the coming weeks and months. 

As we all know, the COVID 19 virus outbreak is affecting countries on a global, unprecedented scale. 

However, we can reassure those we work with that we have all the necessary plans in place to continue providing quality services. 

Over the last three years we have continually practiced and audited our processes in place as part of our iso-9001/27001 certification and are ready to tackle any immediate challenges ahead of us. 

We have a friendly, responsive and agile Business Contingency Plan in place to protect and supp...

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By: Roseanne | March 16, 2020

2020 sees an influx in advanced software development technologies and trends, including the revolution of 5G on all handheld devices, the predicted break through of new programming languages, mixed reality solutions and the Internet of Things. 

Revolutionary technologies are set to have a major influence across all industry sectors, to improve productivity and efficiency ratings, meet consumer demands and provide unique, personalised experiences for all.

5G Internet will be Introduced

A faster network that will revolutionise handheld devices in 2020 and open new doors in the software development industry. This will ultimately offer the chance for developers to work on more robust applications and augmented reality features. As a wireless ...

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By: Roseanne | March 11, 2020

Coderus are pleased to announce we have recently established an official partnership with SailGP, an annual, global championship featuring some of the world’s fastest sailing boats and sailing teams.

In the 1st 2020 annual race that took place this February across two days 28 & 29 at Sydney Harbour, Great Britain celebrated an epic win with Ben Ainslie and the INEOS Team UK. SailGP is one of the best sailing events in the world, raced in modified versions of the foiling 50ft catamarans once used for the America's Cup back in 2017.

Coderus are delighted to be the official software partner of the SailGP Britain Sailing Team, delivering real-time data that is displayed to the general public. We have designed sensors and embedded software tec...

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