By: Roseanne | February 20, 2020

Becoming a thought leader in business requires a passion for innovation, brand awareness and the knowledge and expertise of your industry.

Thought leaders are highly valued and respected by those that know them and are well-equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to keep up with the latest industry trends and innovations.

This article will provide information on how to become a consistent thought leader in the software development industry and building an effective strategy that echoes your business mission, vision and values.

What is Thought Leadership and How Does it Work?

As a thought leader, you are positioning yourself as an influencer in your industry. You will be highly valued and respected by clients, customers, empl...

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By: Roseanne | February 17, 2020

According to Capgemini, 69% of enterprise executives believe AI will be necessary for responding to cyberattacks, while 80% of telecom companies consider AI as the best option for cybersecurity.

AI continuously improves its knowledge to understand new threats and risks. It does this by consuming billions of data artefacts from a variety of sources such as blogs and news stories. Furthermore, it gathers insights and uses reasoning to identify the relationships between threats, such as malicious files, or suspicious IP addresses. This analysis gives your security experts the opportunity to respond to threats up to 60 times faster.

How AI Can Help by Processing and Analysing Your Data

AI can detect anomalies by first of all learning what is consi...

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By: Roseanne | February 05, 2020

So you have just finished putting together a plan to build and develop a new mobile app, what next?

Growth forecasts and statistics for the Global App Economy suggest that the mobile app market is set for a massive 385% growth rate through 2021.

Mobile app development is a very demanding process and involves putting together an integrated team of professional Software Developers, UI and UX Designers, and QA Engineers who can execute your plans.

Here are some guidelines to help you find the right service provider and increase your chances of creating a successful app that provides results, according to your needs.

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By: Roseanne | February 03, 2020

On the 27th January, Nathan who is one of our talented in-house developers was asked to give a talk to Suffolk One students currently studying IT and preparing for life after sixth form. 

Nathan very kindly accepted and gave the sixth formers an insight into the world of working here at Coderus, the various challenges he faced post-sixth form and high school with previous job roles, and how he has landed himself his dream job thanks to the Coderus team. 

Read on for an insight into Nathan's experiences...

How did you come across Coderus? 

My first meeting with Coderus was after I had won the Suffolk One Award. I was approached by Mark and Ali from Coderus who both to my delight offered me a position as an Apprentice Test Engineer...

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By: Roseanne | January 27, 2020

Every month we like to reflect on any stand-out moments that have occurred within the team and upcoming events that we are excited about attending. 

In January so far we have attended the Suffolk One Progression Fair and are looking forward to attending the Ipswich Makerspace Annual Hackathon later this week! 

We have plenty to shout about for February too! Our in-house Apprentice Developer, Andrew will be Braving the Shave for Macmillan next month and we will be attending the biggest mobile technology event of the year, the Mobile Congress in Barcelona...

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