By: Lina Maditsi | December 13, 2018

Photo taken by Andrew Rockfort

Autonomous vehicles, driverless and connected cars all have the same definition: a vehicle capable of navigating itself without human input. The idea is to reduce or completely exclude human interaction with the car and create a system that will work in conjunction with all vehicles on the road. This will help to control traffic, improve emissions compliance, help the environment and reduce the number of accidents on the streets. 

The connected world 

The basic idea behind the autonomous technology is the usage of various sensors to monitor the vehicle’s position for navigation and detecting obstacles. They also have a number of Artificial Intelligence features, cameras and a wide range of radars. As machines are much better at foll...

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By: Lina Maditsi | December 03, 2018

As a proud sponsor, Coderus attended the third continual year of the DevelopHER awards, hosted in Norwich.

An exceptional evening was spent celebrating and recognising women in tech. Four members of the Coderus team were there, not only to support but to be a part of the shared vision for gender equality in technology.

At the annual, non-profit award ceremony, that not only recognises but rewards the great achievements of women in the tech sector, the team were astonished by the inspirational talks from former winners and all their achievements over the past year. One of the talks that definitely stood out was Hazel Cottrell’s. Hazel runs her own successful business within the tech sector and she is heavily involved in giving back to the com...

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By: Lina Maditsi | November 15, 2018

It’s no secret that the tech sector is a male dominated world, but why? How do we fix the problem? The Coderus team look back at the history of women in tech as well as some more recent stats to work it out.

Ancient history

The person dubbed to be the first ever programmer was a woman. Her name was Ada Lovelace, and she was born in 1815. Her mother encouraged her to study hard at mathematics at a young age to deter her from becoming like her “insane” father - incidentally the poet Lord Byron - and not only did she love the subject, Lovelace was a genius. Despite living in a world where a woman could still not legally own property, let alone get a bachelor’s degree - intelligence was seen as “unfeminine” and even dangerous - she was recognise...

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By: Lina Maditsi | October 24, 2018

LoRa Gateways, Nodes, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi’s; this conference had everything!

Coderus attended and demoed at the two-day The Things Network Conference, the first of its kind in the UK. The conference showcased all the exciting tech opportunities that this emerging technology will bring. Coderus had already gained some experience in this technology, after teaming up with another Innovation Martlesham company to set up a Things Network gateway. This gateway has enabled businesses to log into the LoRaWAN network. In the long term, The Things Network over LoRaWAN will enable the connectivity that smart cities promise. 

The Coderus team was there to attend inspirational talks, educational workshops, network with other tech co...

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By: Lina Maditsi | October 11, 2018

Mark Thomas, after a lifelong ambition to make Ipswich and Suffolk a place where the tech sector can flourish, created a company based on five core values with a vision to accelerate growth in the local area.

Since formation in 1998, Coderus has been on a trajectory to success. How? By following a strategy based on dedication and hard work.

Our growth story is based on a series of actions and initiatives that helped Coderus both expand and raise its brand awareness. Through prudential management of finance, with support from accountants and business mentors, Mark invested potential profit in growing the business, and in so doing, avoided loans, retaining 100% equity. In 2017, our 19th year, by securing sources of funding includ...

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