By: Roseanne | January 15, 2020

Mark (left hand side) at his Goldman Sachs Graduation

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By: Emily | January 06, 2020

Once seen as a luxury, smart home automation is now a necessity for many. It offers the user unsurpassed control over domestic systems saving you time, energy, and money. It can improve security, and help you reduce your negative impact on the plant.

So, how can home automation improve life for the consumer and improve the environment?

Let’s look at three examples of home automation and consider the benefits of each. 

Central heating

With a traditional heating system, we set the thermostat to a level that we find comfortable, and the timer switches the system on or off according to how we programme it. Sometimes this could mean we’re wasting energy and money to heat an empty house. A smart system learns how you use your heating, including ...

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By: Emily | January 01, 2020

Coderus technical CEO, Mark Thomas, predicts important steps forward in affordability for consumers and a great year ahead for British technology businesses.

 Those interested in consumer technologies don’t have to wait for long in the calendar year to get their fix of cutting-edge innovation. The world’s biggest consumer technology show – CES 2020 – will take place from 7th to 10th January and the event is promising us some exciting developments.

 That’s not just because Apple is attending the show for the first time since 1992. CES 2020 is shaping up to bring us a step further into our connected world, with the vital security features and customer experiences that will bring many of the technologies that have been just out o...

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By: Emily | December 19, 2019

What do you buy for the person who (technically) has everything? Ali Thomas, married to Coderus' Tech Director Mark Thomas, got together with the Coderus team to bring you Top 10 gift ideas for the gadget geek in your life.

Buying gifts for a tech director is a challenge. If it's cool and gadgety, then they will most likely have it long before everyone else. My husband for example. As the owner of a tech business, our house has long been a homage to Hue - and Alexa is part of the family!

Fortunately Mark and the Coderus team chat a lot about cutting-edge tech. With their help, I've rounded up some cool gift ideas to suit tech focused folks.

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By: Emily | December 17, 2019

What is the Innovate Suffolk Hackathon?

Innovate Suffolk aims to bring together technology and start-up talent across the county openly and inclusively. Through events and networking, they’re looking to connect people to solve real-world problems, build long-term, viable collaborations and nurture scalable businesses across the county.

This year was the first 48 hour Hackathon event and a very successful one at that, focusing on challenging and solving the issues around mental health. Bringing together diverse skills and experiences, the teams aimed to helped create and develop real-world solutions that would make a difference. Everyone was welcome – participants was ranging from developers, creatives, business people, and degree studen...

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