By: Lina Maditsi | March 08, 2019

For the fifth consecutive time Coderus is bringing together developers and tech enthusiasts for the biggest Live Stream events in the region. Google and Apple are preparing for their next developer conferences and Coderus is taking an active involvement in bringing together the community to these events.

Hosting the event together with Innovation Martlesham, we are committed to making this event bigger and greater than any year before. Open to all and free to attend, the Google I/O Extended Event will be held at Adastral Park on the 7th May 2019 and it will include demos, networking, and the keynotes in a live stream of Google I/O 2019 from Mountain View in California. 

Working together with Innovation Martlesham, Coderus is c...

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By: Lina Maditsi | February 18, 2019

At Coderus we pride ourselves on having people that are passionate about what they do. We are one of the one hundred and seven Innovation Martlesham companies based at Adastral Park.

At Coderus, developers, testers, and marketers are all working collaboratively in an open-space office striving to achieve a common objective: delivering the best results for our clients. And even though at Coderus we are passionate about what we do, choosing a career path is not always easy. There might not be right or wrong answers, but there are probably successful or unsuccessful decisions. 

Working within the tech sector is challenging and every day is different. The days at Coderus are busy, but we always try to have fun alongside doing what we love....

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By: Lina Maditsi | January 31, 2019

As part of our outgoing commitment, Coderus is proud to announce a sponsorship deal with the Ipswich Makerspace which will see staff from the firm get involved with the community tech and making hub. In return for our support, employees from Coderus will be invited to make use of the equipment and facilities available at the Makerspace’s Dove Street facility.  

Coderus has a long-standing commitment to engaging with its community and feels that it shares the same core values and passion about technology as the Ipswich Makerspace. Pillar drills, laser cutters, CNC machine and 3D printers are some of the equipment that the members can use among a wide variety of tools for any type of craft or project. Tech enthusiasts will also have ...

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By: Lina Maditsi | January 17, 2019

Unsung heroes, tech enthusiasts, great minds: all women who contributed to the tech sector and made an impact. 

In this second part of the Women in Tech, we will present some of the biggest female names who made an impact within the tech sector and influence the way society is today. 

Evelyn Berezin

After graduating from New York University in 1945 with a degree in physics, Evelyn Berezin became interested in the computer industry. It was only 1962 when Berezin built a computerized booking system for United Airline, the first system back then of its kind. 

During Berezin’s era, opportunities for women within the computer industry were limited. However, this did not stop Berezin as she decided to found her own company as a way to ...

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By: Lina Maditsi | December 25, 2018

At Coderus we dug deep and found some eye-popping innovations for the twelve Days of Christmas. They may not be widely known yet, but they are gadgets that the team thought looked the most interesting.

Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas and express your love to your friends and family, than by offering them thoughtful tech gifts? 

In this article we present 12 gadgets that made it to our final Coderus Christmas list, plus one more suggestion that made it to the top as the ultimate Coderus suggestion 

But let’s start, shall we?

1. Twinkly App controlled Christmas lights

Christmas lights reinvented! What a stocking filler! The Twinkly smart decorations company creates sets of Christmas tree lights and pre-lit trees that y...

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