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On the 27th January, Nathan who is one of our talented in-house developers was asked to give a talk to Suffolk One students currently studying IT and preparing for life after sixth form. 

Nathan very kindly accepted and gave the sixth formers an insight into the world of working here at Coderus, the various challenges he faced post-sixth form and high school with previous job roles, and how he has landed himself his dream job thanks to the Coderus team. 

Read on for an insight into Nathan's experiences...

How did you come across Coderus? 

My first meeting with Coderus was after I had won the Suffolk One Award. I was approached by Mark and Ali from Coderus who both to my delight offered me a position as an Apprentice Test Engineer.

What did you do after Suffolk One? 

Once I had gotten my A Level results I went on to apply for a job at BT. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in the final stages. I then took up several positions as an Apprentice working at the Sugar Beat Factory, John Grose, then on to MSC for six months.

What do you like most about working here? 

What I like most about Coderus is that I can switch up my hours with Flexitime, and work 8am - 4:30pm some days and 9am - 6pm the next so I can have the odd lay-in here and there! At Coderus, there are also lots of opportunities to socialise, with monthly games nights, company meals and trips.

Coderus provides me with plenty of opportunities for professional development too. Although I am at the Apprentice stage, my thoughts and ideas are always taken on board. I will always jump at the chance to take up additional training or work on one of my own personal projects. I have now moved from the Test Team to the Embedded Team which has helped improve my confidence. 

Since working here I have improved my knowledge of the different languages and have been working across different platforms and software systems, from Java to DevOps and C-Sharp. I have also been responsible for testing high end audio software products for Bowers and Wilkins, with plenty more projects on the go, so watch this space!

“The right opportunities will come. Your voice will be heard.” 

What other opportunities do Coderus provide? 

Coderus also provides numerous training opportunities with Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. I have a residential coming up at Anglia Ruskin where I will be spending a week completing coursework and learning new modules in connection with my current Apprentice role to help me develop my career!

What advice can you give to others for the future? 

Build a professional portfolio of work and projects to show at interviews which will help set you apart from everyone else. Many businesses and organisations are looking for passionate individuals who are working on interesting projects of their own, whether from home or in partnership with others. 

Trust that the right opportunities will come your way. You may have to apply for several opportunities at a time before you are offered a position. Always ask for feedback at interviews if you are unsuccessful and always take away the positives from your experience.

Find Out More About our Careers Here

Want a fulfilling career for a leading software development consultancy? Then think Coderus. We are always on the hunt for passionate individuals, who have a portfolio of interesting projects to show, or the enthusiasm to show us their full potential! 

Coderus are currently recruiting for several roles, including mobile developer, QA Engineer and Backend Software Developer. To find out more visit our careers page here.

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