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A prototype that assisted in the revolution of new, emerging technologies as part of The Things Network

The Things Network Gateway has in recent years showcased how LoRa is one of the most emerging and innovative technologies in the industry. The project involved us creating a new prototype that could be deployed at the LoRaWAN Gateway at Suffolk Coastal and assisted in the revolution of new, emerging technologies as part of the Things data network.

At a Glance

  • Designed and deployed the LoRaWAN Gateway at The Things Network Conference at Suffolk Coastal
  • Deploy more LoRaWAN gateways across the Suffolk area with our trusted community partners
  • Created a prototype LoRaWAN handset integration and custom web service

The Challenge

The challenge for us was to design a new Android application for the Internet of Things Network Mapper, that allows all IoT devices to connect across a large perimeter, covering distance using as little battery life as possible.

With an end aim to showcase some of the technologies that Coderus has been using at The Things Network Conference, our team were challenged to design, develop and show a series of demos that highlight some of the most innovative usages of LoRa. For this we would have to incorporate a variety of mobile integration features that would enable the connectivities that the idea of Smart Cities promises to its users.

This is a fantastic example of collaboration across our cluster. The LoRaWAN network will bring together all the vital components needed to begin creating a smart city, and Coderus is a pioneer by setting up The Things Gateway at Adastral Park.
Nicky Daniels
Head of Innovation Martlesham
Our mission is to help businesses grow and improve performance through the provision of bespoke tech and communication solutions. The introduction of The Things Network LoRaWAN to Adastral Park is an exciting initiative and we are looking forward to seeing the connected solutions that arise from it

The Coderus Solution

The team would begin by investigating what LoRa was by using an Espressif ESP32 LoRa board along with a SX1276 board which acted as a node. They were then coupled with an RFM95 shield on a Raspberry Pi to function as a single channel gateway. Using a Raspberry Pi allowed us to start running, implementing and experimenting with new technology.

We then moved to the next stage of the product development process by setting up a demo at The Things Gateway at the Suffolk Coastal District at Adastral Park to determine its overall value and success. We turned to the well-known TTN Mapper Android App at first, but we found it didn’t contain some of the information useful when troubleshooting any issues. There was no indication however, as to whether the device had failed to send a message, or if the message had been lost in translation.

With the new features in mind, the Coderus team set out to develop a full end-to-end solution. This included a web service within the TTN network which included necessary web components such as HTTP. REST API and a mobile application that integrated elements of Hardware. The Web Application would be used to show live tracking of the app user, as well as any previous sent locations and supporting APIs.

The Tech_

  • Microchip Android Open Accessory AOA board integration
  • Used HopeRF RFM95 Shield as a gateway and a node
  • Used an RFM95 shield to allow transmissions from an Android App written in Java and Kotlin code

The Story

The digital era has continually transformed the way we live, work and entertain and is being defined by features such as Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5g and Embedded Systems that will define not only specific sectors of our lives, but the way we think, act and live.

Recent announcements from Suffolk County Council, who are currently funding the Suffolk and Norfolk ‘The Things Network (TTN) Gateway showcases that LoRa is a revolutionary technology and is applicable in the business, enterprise, and education sector, helping improve connectivity on a global scale. In comparison to other commercial models like SigFox, the LoRa is a free to use, open source network providing endless communication opportunities.

The Results

With a fast, efficient team behind the project and a deadline to hit, we are proud to say that we managed to complete the project ready for The Things Network Conference. The Conference presented us with the opportunity to receive product feedback and provide commercial solutions that will lead the way for more projects in the future. Coderus has now started working on various other projects using the LoRaWAN technology and is proving to be very popular in the industry.

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Apps and bespoke solutions delivered

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