Coderus Hosts Outstanding Google I/O Extended Event

July 04, 2019

As part of our outgoing commitment, we always want to make sure we engage with the local tech community. Coderus and Innovation Martlesham hosted the only Google I/O Extended event in East Anglia, at Adastral Park.

Coderus hosted the event for the fifth consecutive year with great success, with Tech East and Innovate Suffolk’s great support. With representatives from Microchip, Ipswich Makerspace and Creative Computing Club, this market place was one of its kind.

We are very grateful to have supporters like Coderus by our side, doing such a great job with the community. Supporting and helping the young tech generation with events like this year’s exceptional Google I/O Extended, is the best way to ensure we are nurturing new talent in Ipswich.

Matthew Applegate, Found of Creative Computing Club

We were delighted to join Coderus and their guests at the only Google I/O Extended event in East Anglia. Having Coderus as an authorised design partner enables our customers to utilise the endless possibilities of tech as well as helping us engage with the local tech community.

Microchip UK

It was great to be invited to Coderus’ Google IO marketplace to spread the word about the exciting new developments at Ipswich Makerspace. Our 3D printed and laser cut samples were very popular. Coderus have been a staunch supporter of ours. 

Steve Chalkley from Ipswich Makerspace

Our Coderus team showcased some of the latest technologies that we use, such as The Internet of Things and LoRaWAN, as well as mobile and embedded solutions.

Our Coderus team showcased the mobile integration of LoRaWAN using Microchip’s hardware. The new era revolves around connectivity and all the promising features that LoRAWAN will bring. This technology promises to allow connectivity among businesses, universities and consumers. At our Google I/O Extended event we specifically showcased the mobile integration of LoRa using Microchip’s hardware.

We also demoed a Smart Mirror, which combines mobile development aspects and embedded technology. This gadget incorporates elements of IoT and the connectivity this emerging technology promises. Our team showed how you can incorporate important information for the user like traffic, temperature and personal notes to a Smart Mirror. 

Google I/O Extended Features

The keynote introduced loads of new features. In case you didn’t make it to our Google I/O Extended, we have picked our favourite ones:

3D Features from Google Research

Now the user will have the opportunity to bring 3D objects from search results to life by using AR. The user will have the opportunity to use their phone camera to place, view and interact with 3D object in the space around them.

Google Lens

The user will be introduced to updated features that read and translate text and signs to other languages. This feature will only be the beginning of the development of a new market as translations will be instantly available on user’s device.

The Next Generation of Google Assistant

As the Assistant took a big part of the keynote section, we can confirm that this feature is one of the most up to date ones. From giving recommendations and suggestions to the user based on their preferences to picking up user’s favourite podcast, Google Assistant is one of the most personalised features.


We couldn’t be more excited about the new features from Google which will have a huge impact upon society and technology in general. Some of these features will have Live Caption, Live Relay and Project Euphoria as part of the accessibility aspect.

Mark Thomas, Coderus’ CEO said:

I am really pleased to see this Google I/O Extended grow each year -we look forward to hosting it again in 2020.

Like every other year, Apple held the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California giving thousands of developers and tech enthusiasts the chance to find out Apple’s latest announcements. This year’s WWDC was one of the most interesting ones and here’s our top 3 iOS features that our developers liked the most:


iPadOS is a new version of iOS tailored for the bigger screen of the iPad. Widgets can be pinned to the home screen, slide over and split screen multitasking have been improved, and apps can now have multiple windows, allowing for far more flexible workflows than ever before. Pencil support has also been updated, with a new palette of tools that can be moved and hidden, and full-page markup of any app.

Dark Mode

Dark mode for iOS brings a new look to Apple’s mobile devices, with support throughout all system apps and third-party apps expected to adopt it quickly. The dark UI not only looks great, it also reduces the overall brightness and blue light levels of the screen making it easier on the eyes and your battery too.

Swift UI

It allows a developer to put together a UI using a declarative syntax. Compared to the imperative syntax of alternative UI frameworks, SwiftUI code is easier to write, understand and update.

An added bonus from Apple is the live debugger, displaying the app layout in real time as the interface is being developed and adjusted. Whereas previously each change would have to be compiled and built individually before being evaluated, this assessment can now be done as soon as the line of code is written, giving developers more time to work on polishing their apps and the key features behind the UI.

Investing in Local Tech Events

We look forward to hosting more events like these ones and gather together not only the tech community, but all the tech enthusiasts of East Anglia as well. Find out about our involvement with the local community and watch ours news space for more.

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