Coderus Hosts Successful 2015 Google I/O Extended Event

May 29, 2015

The I/O extended event keynote speeches were streamed live from San Francisco to BT’s John Bray Lecture Theatre at Adastral Park, last night. Over 130 attendees enjoyed this and the preceding networking and live Google technology demo sessions.

The evening was rounded off by an open forum discussion with specially selected panellists consisting of Mark Thomas (CEO Coderus), Iain Monteath (BT Technology Scout), Jonathan Mitchener (InnovateUK) and Matthew Keable (SimpleClick), with many of the discussion points raised around education and nurturing of the next generation of developers in the region.

The Google keynote speeches, as might be expected, were very well presented and engaging with the two and a half hours of presentations just flying by. What’s more, they were understandable by most people familiar with Google and Android mobile products, not just by us techies!  There were advances in many areas, some evolutionary, others major innovations, from adding predictive intelligence to existing applications to enhance their usability, through to Virtual Reality projects like ‘Expeditions’ aimed at the education sector to enhance learning and student engagement. It’s clear that huge resources are being applied to many developments and great thought given to the impact this will have not only in the developed, industrialised worlds we are familiar with, but also third world economies.

Here, Google have appreciated the value the Internet information world can provide, but have understood the challenges of it’s access and how his can be achieved. As examples, they are designing entry level smart phones, minimising bandwidth requirements in many innovative ways as well as developing an Internet infrastructure around the use of stratospheric balloons (Android One and Project Loon).

The keynote and all the featured session can be found here.  Kevin Woollard Operations Director, Research & Innovation and Adastral Park commented: “It was great to see the event well attended and the positive feedback on the event from all who attended. I look forward to Coderus hosting more events like this, making the Park’s facilities available to Mark and his team – Great Work.”

Ian Buxton, Chair of Innovation Martlesham, said: “Coderus is one of the growing number of ICT companies that are making things happen at Innovation Martlesham. Mark Thomas was interviewed on the BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast show on 30th April, where the region was described as the ‘Silicon Valley of the UK’ by Neil Miles, who leads ICT for the region’s Local Enterprise Partnership. This Google event is further evidence of the growing significance of the ICT cluster at Innovation Martlesham and in the region.”

Mark Thomas CEO, Coderus said:- “I would like to thank everyone who attended our first Google I/O extended event at Adastral Park, also our first public event in fact. We enjoyed meeting everyone and demonstrating some of the Google Technologies. Our thanks must also go to the various teams that helped make it all possible, we hope to run similar events again in the future. Having received so many positive comments we must conclude that the event has been a great success.”

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