Coderus Develops GlazeAlarm Software

September 22, 2016

Coderus has been designing and developing a user control application and an embedded controller for GlazeAlarm’s glazing based security system.  The first major milestone has been to deliver a prototype system as a demonstrator for the GlazeAlarm® stand at Glasstec, the International glass trade fair starting on September 20th in Dusseldorf. We’ve been able work closely with their conveniently located management and architecture design team here within the Innovation Martlesham cluster and their hardware team in the Far East.

The Smart Glazing Alert System consists of a wireless-enabled sensor built into a double or triple-glazed window unit at manufacture, using patent applied for technology, the sensor alerts users to a shock or breakage through a hand-held controller, smart phone, tablet or PC. The product is the most robust and tamper-proof glass-break security solution available today. It has applications in both residential and commercial sectors, allowing users to manage the safety and security of their premises remotely.  The App provides the means to remotely view and configure the system, receive notification events such as alarms and will eventually be available in iOS, Android and Windows versions.

The controller is an embedded software design that forms the wireless network hub, communicating with various detectors, to provide window monitoring for breakage, intrusion protection, temperature monitoring and environmental integrity.

Working with GlazeAlarm® has proved to be an interesting project for us, utilising a wide range of our skills. It’s another great example how Coderus can provide full stack development for a joint embedded and mobile application. We look forward to being able to support the full launch of their innovative glazing security system in the coming months.

Mark Thomas, Founder CEO of Coderus

The East of England is a great place for innovation and developments across many technologies. There are many exciting technological developments happening in Innovation Martlesham and Adastral Park, which is great to be part of.

Thanks to Coderus’ support we are able to provide customers with the technology they require to monitor their home or office security and energy efficiency remotely. Utilising the expertise of Coderus further highlights our commitment to innovation within the glazing and security industries.”

Ian Branagan, CEO of GlazeAlarm®
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