Richard Joins the Development and Testing Team

February 16, 2015
woman software testing

Richard joins the team this week through Ogilvie Recruitment as a developer/tester, with an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham, achieving a distinction.

I’m really excited to be joining the relatively small and dynamic team at Coderus, working alongside talented people. After my initial training is complete I hope to eventually be responsible for an entire project which will give me a great sense of satisfaction. Another benefit is Adastral Park, which provides a great working environment and excellent facilities.


Richard is heavily into computers games, but also music, including playing the bass guitar, which led to his BA in Music. Setting up and running his own audiovisual hire company followed briefly, but his musical ambitions were competing with his gaming interests and after some experiments in computer games development, decided to embark on his MSc.

Richard has some excellent skills and is off to a good start, wanting to understand everything down to the low-level details. This is encouraging and I feel he will be a good fit within the team.

Mark Thomas, Founder CEO
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