My Summer at Coderus – Interning at Adastral Park

September 20, 2018

Coderus prides itself on nurturing prospective talent, and this summer we welcomed two new interns to our team. Louise studies English at the University of Birmingham, joining us in marketing and PR, and Connor is an undergraduate at the University of Essex studying computer science, working in software testing. We also welcomed Matt, a year 10 student at Kesgrave High School, for a week of work experience in the marketing team.

What is it like to work at Coderus? What will they take back to their prospective studies? We asked the three of them to sum up their experiences working for the company here at Adastral Park, Martlesham. 

Louise’s Experience 

I came to Coderus as a summer intern at the start of July, after a year of studying in California. The team have been more than welcoming, ready to answer any query or question I might have and giving me a thorough induction to the company. The work life here is fast paced and full on, but so far I am really enjoying the projects, with a lot of variety in the work I am doing – every day is different! I am learning so much as well as using university skills in the real life setting of a marketing and PR team. 

Adastral Park is a great place to work, with so many innovative technology companies working in the same area, and events making use of collaboration potential. It’s nice to take a break from your desk to walk across and get free coffee, and we have frequent team events like games night – where we get pizza and play some sort of game – so it’s a really nice environment in and out of the office. Ipswich is a beautiful town – especially the waterfront, and it has great transport links, with central London only an hour away on the train. I am going to miss it when I return to university, but I have a lot of new skills and connections going forward to complete my studies and then into my future career. 

Connor’s Experience

I settled into my role as a software test intern at Coderus really quickly, with the comfortable work environment making it very easy to instantly see yourself working here full time. I am constantly learning crucial software testing and development skills, both from my own work and from the environment around me, but I have not felt stressed at any point – everyone has been very helpful with any problems I have encountered. 

I like where our office is located – although Martlesham is a 30 minute bus ride from Ipswich, the Adastral Park campus and surrounding shops have all you could need for full time work life. Just outside the Coderus’ office is the nicest area on campus, with a large green area, trees and a pond. Inside, the office is very modern and clean, and it’s a nice perk to have a bowl of fruit and a fridge full of drinks to keep us going throughout the day.

The skills I have learned prepare me for work inside the software testing and software development Industry. Most importantly, working at Coderus has completely restored my motivation and work ethic. I have realised the importance of time management, efficiency and even diet in a professional environment and have already taken the skills I’ve learned to prepare for my final year at university.

connor intern

Matt’s Experience

I joined Coderus for the second week of my summer work experience. When the careers advisor came into school, it triggered an interest in learning about marketing and business development. I spoke to Coderus and I was pleased to gain work experience in the Coderus marketing team. I admit that I knew very little about the discipline and that’s where the team were great. In just one week, they gave me an overview into everything that they do, from organising events to writing content for the website. I’ve always liked the Coderus social media feed as it has a good mix of topics so it was great to get involved in this side of things. I love a good gadget and it was fun to research and write posts for the team’s ‘Gadget Friday’ slot. 

I was also amazed to learn that Coderus is one of over 100 businesses based in the ‘Innovation Martlesham’ high tech cluster of companies. As a student I’ve driven past Adastral Park so many times and thought it was only BT that lived there – now I know differently! From a careers point of view, it’s really exciting to know that there are so many interesting companies based right down the road from my high school. 

Overall it was a great introduction to working life and I really enjoyed being part of the team here at Coderus. They are clearly talented and love what they do – it’s been inspiring.

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