My Summer Internship at Coderus

August 22, 2019

Here at Coderus, we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of internships and give an experience of working in tech. This summer we welcomed three interns: Siddharth studies Software Engineering at Lancaster University and is working in QA testing and helping in the Development team. Dominik studies Computer Science at the University of Derby and is also working in QA testing, as well as in our iOS Development team. Finally, Emily has just graduated from Anglia Ruskin University studying Graphic Design, she joined our team to assist with the design and PR & Marketing.

We were also able to welcome an apprentice, Owen and three work experience places in our team this year.

What did they think about their time at Coderus? What have they taken from this experience and how can it be applied to their studies and future careers? We asked for a brief summary from them about their time here at Coderus.


Being able to join Coderus as a Mobile Development intern has been a great opportunity for me to further develop my skills and broaden my horizons. It has allowed me to network with a wide range of people from all backgrounds and learn about all the different opportunities to learn from in the industry. Having been part of the quality assurance team at first and then moving into an agile development team has given me a better insight of the software development life cycle applied in the industry. Having regular sprint planning and reviews as part of the development team has enhanced my communication skills as well as allowing me to adapt to a fast-paced work environment and facing new challenges.

The lifestyle at Coderus is unique and great to experience. Regular events such as Games Night, Movie Night and Fun-day Friday with weekly themes, is what differentiates Coderus from other software development companies. These events allow me to socialise with my work colleagues and feel very comfortable and friendly with everyone in the workplace. Everyone at work has made me feel welcome since day one and have helped me adapt to the working lifestyle.

This internship has given me the right skills and prepared me to face new challenges in the software development industry. Coderus is the right place to join if you want to keep learning and growing along with being part of a very friendly and welcome workplace environment. I hope to keep in touch for further opportunities of work at Coderus!


I got my summer internship at Coderus as a Mobile development intern. I have had previous experience in coding Android apps but working in a bigger size team was something new for me. One of the biggest lessons is understanding how people from different departments communicate and work with each other, being given the opportunity to attend team meetings and discover the process of co-working in a company has shown me this. One of the most important things while working is the atmosphere in the office, as the people at Coderus are always keen on helping others, you can meet people with different backgrounds and learn new things. I do like and appreciate the variety of extra activities and events, such as games night, that take place every month.

To sum it up, the experience I have gained at Coderus has helped me to understand the industry better and has given an insight of the software development process. I suggest everyone should give themselves a chance to do an internship, to improve your skills and give you more confidence.


I joined Coderus at the start of May, just after I finished my University studies in Cambridge. Straight away the environment in the office was warm and welcoming, the open-plan office allowed me to get to know everyone very easily. I am working in the PR and marketing department as well as helping with design work, which has allowed me to work on a wide range of projects and with many people. There is always so much going on at Coderus, many different projects and events every week, so I was always busy and never bored – they have allowed me to be fully involved in everything and I have really felt like I’m part of the team.

Aside from the work directly, life at Coderus is great. Adastral Park is an amazing place to work, with lots of other innovative tech companies and a wide range of events and talks to further my knowledge and get involved with. Being only a short distance to nearby shops, as well as the waterfront and town centre, it’s nice to spend time with colleagues outside of work hours. I have had the most amazing time so far and gained so much, as well as seeing my confidence grow massively; gaining skills in time management, planning and communication.

I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity and I am going to miss it when my internship ends, but I will be able to apply everything I have learnt to my career in the future and hope to stay in touch.

This is just a small overview of what this summer’s interns have loved so far- keep a lookout for our blogs for more career updates on us here at Coderus.

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