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Coderus is pleased to be an Authorised Design Centre for Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd., a world leader in wireless telecommunications products and services. Working with Qualcomm since 2014, from initial development with Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) to prototype and production, Coderus has access and experience with the ADK (e.g.CSR8670 / CSR8675), low energy (µEnergy®) development systems and provides an integrated design service supporting the platform across firmware, hardware, mobile and desktop solutions. We have also provided solutions using BTLE and USB protocols.

About the Qualcomm Extension Program 

The Qualcomm Extension Program is designed to help customers enhance their integration with new and different features for audio devices more efficiently and cost-effectively. Coderus is one of the partners that provide software solutions, by facilitating the integration of new and differentiating features more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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