Sound App Development for Bowers & Wilkins’ Innovative PX Program

January 08, 2018

It’s not every day that you are asked to collaborate on groundbreaking technology for a client, so when Bowers & Wilkins approached Coderus to work on their new PX headphones – wireless, with noise-cancelling technology and promising a truly intuitive user experience – we were excited to be involved.

Bowers & Wilkins kicked off their PX project in early 2017 and, with a proven track record working together with their teams to deliver superlative results, the premium audio technology brand asked Coderus to develop Android and iOS apps for the headphones, as well as to help in building up Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) communication.

Working with the Bowers & Wilkins team from the initial stages of their project meant that, while the concept for PX had been defined, there was no firmware to build out from. A challenge, perhaps, but by no means a block for the Coderus team.

We set to work, using our embedded technology capabilities, to mock up a device that would allow us to start our app development in tandem with the Bowers & Wilkins teams’ work. This meant that, when the first prototypes of the PX firmware were delivered in early summer, we were all ready to build out into the consumer app that was delivered on schedule for the headphones’ launch on 15th October 2017. All timed perfectly for PX to hit the retail channels for Christmas.

Mark Thomas, Technical CEO, led the Coderus Testers, Android and iOS Developers, and Quality Assurance teams while liaising closely with the Bowers & Wilkins Firmware team and helping to define the interface design with the UX team, throughout the project.

Jason Nimms, the VP of UX at Bowers & Wilkins, was delighted with the results:

Thanks for working so closely with us as we have evolved over the years and for helping to realise the user experiences we are creating with the quality for which Bowers & Wilkins is known.

Jason Nimms, VP of UX at Bowers & Wilkins

Spanning three different time zones – Greenwich Mean Time for the teams in the UK, Pacific Standard Time for the Bowers & Wilkins teams on the US West Coast, and Taiwan Time Zone for the Bowers & Wilkins teams in Taipei – enabled 24-hour product development, moving this project quickly and seamlessly.

At Coderus we partner with our clients to ensure the best possible user experience is achieved for every app we develop and the work we did with Bowers & Wilkins for their PX project really highlights how well this works.

Mark Thomas, Founder CEO of Coderus

Mirroring Mark’s reflections, Albert Yong, Head of Hardware and Software at Bowers & Wilkins, said:

Thank you and your team for your continued support to pull us through the PX program. It takes a great team to make a great product and you are all part of this very exciting product we have developed.

Albert Yong, Head of Hardware and Software at Bowers & Wilkins

PX transforms the way users experience music. Combining the exceptional sound quality for which Bowers & Wilkins is renowned with invisible technology that makes the wireless headphones a natural extension of each person, the headphones intuitively pause sound every time they are taken off, without the need for the user to physically press a button.

What’s more, Bowers & Wilkins’ noise-cancelling technology comes with three settings and an app that allows users to customise the level of voice pass-through to suit their own needs and surroundings.

While it may not be every day that new projects requiring groundbreaking technology come along, at Coderus our teams work on pushing the boundaries to deliver mobile apps and embedded solutions that break the mould each and every day.

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