The America's Cup

America's Cup

The America’s Cup is the oldest international trophy in sport world. It was first held in 1851 in the United Kingdom and it was open to yachts of all nations. To honour the first winner’s victory, it was renamed the America’s Cup.

The long history and worldwide reputation associated with the America’s Cup attracts not only the world’s top sailors and athletes but some of the most competitive, high tech companies as well. This is one of the main reasons why Coderus is honoured to be have been selected as a partner to the British team for two consecutive challenges now. The America’s Cup is a highly prestigious race where the teams operate under tremendous time pressure to develop the best technology for the boat, supported by digital design techniques.

Coderus, as a Cypress Design Partner, Microchip’s App Developer Specialist and an Authorised Design Centre for Qualcomm has experience in working from development to prototype and production, while working under vigorous conditions providing high quality and high-performance solutions; working on an America’s Cup project showcases Coderus’ great capabilities. 

35th Challenge with Land Rover BAR

Coderus’ first involvement with America’s Cup began in 2015 through BT, with Coderus joining Ben Ainslie’s Land Rover BAR team in their challenge for the 35th America’s Cup. 

"We were desperate for an app that could act as a virtual seventh crew member and become central to our decision-making process during the race, providing Ben and I with the data that we really need to gain a competitive advantage."

Sailing Team Tactician and Olympic Gold Medallist, Giles Scott

Coderus pioneered a secure and reliable solution, to meet the standards of such a prestigious team. The Land Rover BAR team was the British challenger, and was made up of some of the best British and international sailors, designers, builders and engineers.

Coderus supported the team with a seventh virtual crew member by providing a mobile app solution. This solution provided the crew with critical, real-time information throughout the race with no user interaction. The embedded sensors on the boat enabled critical data to be read in user-friendly and water resistant Android tablets and wearables. 

36th Challenge with INEOS TEAM UK

Coderus is honoured to be participating in the Cup for a second consecutive time, as an Official Partner to INEOS TEAM UK, the British challenger for the 36th America’s Cup. Coderus will create high-performance solutions, delivering essential data to Ben Ainslie - the most successful Olympic sailor of all time - and his star-studded crew. 

INEOS is one of the world’s top 50 largest manufacturing companies. INEOS formed INEOS TEAM UK in 2018, making the biggest ever British investment in the America’s Cup. With many iconic brands joining the INEOS TEAM UK for the upcoming challenge in 2021, Coderus is delighted to provide our expertise in order to support the sailing team.

We will again be working collaboratively with INEOS TEAM UK building on the work we did for the Land Rover BAR team, enhancing the capabilities of the solutions and taking the project to the next level. 

"It’s terrific to have Coderus back with us and working on the next iteration of our onboard tactical and sailing data solutions. They did a great job last time, and we know that their software expertise and support will give us a performance advantage."

Nick Holroyd, Technical Director INEOS TEAM UK.

The Cup competition will be held in Auckland in 2021 and promises to be tougher than ever. INEOS TEAM UK and Coderus will be working both locally and remotely to ensure that they develop technology to support fast strategic decision-making on the water.

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