Mobile Solutions

We excel at designing a wide range of mobile app development solutions, which deliver true benefits and exceed expectations, helping businesses to connect, engage and delight clients across the globe. Developed on the most popular mobile platforms, we are specialists in iOS, through our close relationship with Apple, but also design Android and Windows mobile applications to the same high standard.

Embeded Solutions

Coderus specialises in designing real-time embedded technology solutions, developed using some of the most innovative silicon designs, helping you turn great ideas into market leading products. We understand the challenges of compact coding, efficiency, low power and high performance for devices in many rapidly developing markets.

Desktop Solutions

Desktop development is now playing a more important part in user’s lives since the introduction of application stores. We can develop both Mac and Windows desktop applications to compliment your mobile application to provide a seamless experience across all your device form factors, or as a separate bespoke application as required.

Server Solutions

For many clients, to fully exploit the features and usability of a mobile application there is a high dependency on the server development and infrastructure supporting it. We are able to provide a complete software package to ensure the system potential is fully realised.

Our Clients

  • Bowers & Wilkins
  • BT
  • BT Openreach
  • mac DX
  • your company

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