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We are with you for the long-haul by providing ongoing support and maintenance to cater for your project needs across a variety of technologies and platforms to help take your business to the next level. Our experienced team will go through your query step by step to help deal with any technical issues you might have.

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Ensuring Maintenance of Your Product

From fixing any bug-related issues, to technical maintenance or application change requests, Coderus are here to provide support and maintenance of any kind throughout your product life cycle. Even if you are not one of our existing clients we are happy to take on any application or system, no matter what stage you are at. We work to industry standards to ensure the smooth running of the design and development of your product, as well as product aftercare with an expert in-house support team ready to respond to your needs.

coderus ineos team uk tactical aid app case study

INEOS TEAM UK | Tactical Aid App

Coderus developed a tablet application for INEOS TEAM UK, which was used in the 36th America’s Cup Challenge.
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The Things Network Gateway | LoRaWAN Mapper Plus Application

Coderus designed and developed an Android application for the Internet of Things Network Mapper that utilises LoRaWAN technology.
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GlazeAlarm | Smart Alarm App and Controller

Utilising embedded mobile app technologies, Coderus developed an IoT application and smart alarm system for GlazeAlarm.
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As technology changes and users needs are shifting faster than ever, my support team take great pride in supporting our clients’ ever changing landscape. Whether you have already formed a partnership with Coderus or you have found yourself in need of an emergency team, we’re ready to solve your concerns as quickly and effectively as possible.
Chris Hodges
Head Of Support & Maintenence – Coderus

Our Maintenance and Support Service

At Coderus we provide full technical support, including the debugging of software, app maintenance, software product maintenance, real time ongoing analysis and user feedback. All support and development change requests are managed in-house by our development team. We offer a smart maintenance service to all to help maintain your application at optimal effectiveness and grow your business to the next level.

Technical Support

Our in-house team has many years of experience of dealing with any technical support issues, from broken source code, to poorly performing databases, documenting code, or slow performing applications.


We can help you when it comes to any issues you are having with rewriting or fixing bugs, for all android, iOS and cross platform devices. We can help capture the highest impact bugs before they reach your users and maximise app usability.

App Maintenance

We have a highly skilled app maintenance team offering exceptional mobile app maintenance and development, including upgrades, troubleshooting, bugs and errors that crop up after the launch of apps.

Software Product Maintenance

We provide smart software product maintenance services covering all aspects, such as software testing, versioning, re-engineering and support, to help boost the overall performance of your product.

Real Time Ongoing Analysis

Whether you want to boost user retention rates or improve in-app speed, we can provide real time ongoing analysis of your mobile application, by comparing user behavioural patterns and surfacing parts of mobile app that keeps users engaged.

Feedback and Analysis

Creating a mobile app requires going through the feedback and analysis process. Getting feedback from your customers will help us build you a successful mobile app and market it correctly. We can help you understand customer behaviour and collate useful customer feedback to improve your app long-term.

Our Support and Maintenance Clients
Being a support and maintenance client ensures that your app continues to perform and remain secure at all times. We provide support for all our clients, whether you need technical maintenance support, feedback, analysis or insight into your user behaviour patterns. We look after a variety of different clients across different industry sectors, from the entertainment sector, to enterprise and start up businesses, large corporations and marine technologies.

Industry Specific Maintenance

We have expertise in offering mobile app and software maintenance and support services adhering to the highest level of security and industry standards. From fixing bugs, testing apps, enhancing usability, to migrating applications to different platforms and providing exceptional security maintenance and support, to ensure your app remains competitive, robust and secure at all times.


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