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We are a leading innovative mobile app development company in the UK, designing and developing mobile apps for start-ups, medium businesses and large enterprises both nationally and internationally.

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What is mobile app development?

Mobile app development is a component of computer software engineering and is the act or process of creating, testing and programming applications for mobile devices, computers, tablets, wearable devices, TVs and more.

what is mobile app development

Mobile App Development Services

With over 20+ years of experience developing mobile apps and bespoke digital solutions, we are one of the longest-serving mobile app development companies in the UK. The applications we create get funded by investors, win awards and solve user problems around the globe.

Whatever type of app you are looking for, we can design and develop a scalable bespoke mobile app solution made specifically for your needs and with world-class features.

We have experience creating apps for a wide range of mobile-related services and each project is bespoke in accordance with your business goals, user needs, industry, competitor research, budget, time-scales and more. We can design and develop for a variety of platforms including mobile, tablet, TV and wearable technologies.

Learn more about some of the specific platforms we can build for below.

Native iOS App Development

Coderus is a member of Apple’s MFi Programme, meaning we have unique expertise in the development of apps for Apple devices. Our fully certified team of iOS app developers can design and develop a range of strategic iOS apps for any Apple device including iPad, iPhone, iWatch, Apple TV and more. We can also help identify the smartest mobile options available to you while focusing on creating personalised experiences for the end-user through transformative digital technologies.

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Native Android App Development

Our Android app developers hold and attain various Google Developers Certifications and we encourage them to join programs and groups such as the Google Experts Program and Google Developer Groups. More importantly, they are experienced in delivering high performing mobile app development services. Aware of the latest technologies and trends in the industry as regular attendees of droidcon and other events held by Google, our team can help you grow and achieve your goals, whether that be a mobile app, wearable technology, a TV app or tablet app.

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Windows App Development

Microsoft offers a simple yet secure OS compatible with most devices like tablets, smartphones, desktops and more – paving the way for new and substantial technologies. Familiar with Microsoft Windows technology and a Microsoft Silver Partner, we offer the best solutions for Windows app development.

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Cross-Platform & Multi-Platform App Development

Cross-platform applications are a perfect solution for MVP app development. Since we are experts in all types of app platforms, we can help you improve your user engagement across all channels, including Android apps, iOS apps and Windows apps and take your mobile app to the next level. Whether you want to increase brand exposure, build engagement and loyalty or expand your distribution, we can help build your cross-platform application.

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IoT App Development and M2M

IoT application development, also called M2M app development (Machine-to-Machine) is popular technology being used in Bluetooth, smart products, smart-home applications and SaaS applications and is something we are experts in.

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HTML5 & Hybrid App Development

Although we would not normally recommend hybrid applications due to their performance, our in-house team is capable of creating hybrid apps, which combine elements of both native apps and web applications using HTML5.

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coderus ineos team uk tactical aid app case study

INEOS TEAM UK | Tactical Aid App

Coderus developed a tablet application for INEOS TEAM UK, which was used in the 36th America’s Cup Challenge.
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The Things Network Gateway | LoRaWAN Mapper Plus Application

Coderus designed and developed an Android application for the Internet of Things Network Mapper that utilises LoRaWAN technology.
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GlazeAlarm | Smart Alarm App and Controller

Utilising embedded mobile app technologies, Coderus developed an IoT application and smart alarm system for GlazeAlarm.
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Coderus has been a key software vendor to us for many years and for the past few years our sole client solution provider. They have been delivering first-class solutions for our fast-growing ‘new media’ software products, including developing our desktop ( Apple macOS and MS Windows), mobile (iOS & Android) and Server solutions. We respect Coderus’ deep domain and wide cross-platform expertise, supporting our firmware and other partners to ensure an integrated and seamless solution.
Bowers & Wilkins
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Mobile App Development Tech Stack

An application tech stack is defined as the set of technologies a business uses to build and power a web or mobile application. It is a combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX solutions, software and tools used by developers.

Our team will choose the right mobile app tech stack for your mobile application, depending on the platform that is being used, whether it is for iOS, Android or cross-platform and one that best aligns with the vision of your project. We work with the best tech stack solutions to ensure the on-time delivery of your mobile application and save you effort in finding the perfect technologies for your mobile project.

The key questions we will utilise you choose the right technologies for your project are:

  1. Who is the target audience of your app?
  2. What are the users’ expectations?
  3. What are the development costs?
  4. What are the security implications?
  5. How well will the chosen mobile app development platform integrate with other platforms?
mobile app development technology stack

Mobile App Development Frameworks

  • OS SDK (iOS 3 onwards)
  • Android SDK (SDK 9 onwards)
  • SnapKit
  • J2ObjC
  • Lottie
  • MessagePack
  • CocoaLumberjack
  • Retrofit
  • Dagger2
  • JUnit Expresso
  • Android NDK
  • OkHttp
  • Ktor
  • Xposed
  • .Net Core (Linux, macOS and Windows)
  • React Native
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • Jetpack
  • Core Data

Mobile App Development Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Cross-Platform

Mobile App Development Languages

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • C / C++ / C#
  • JavaScript
  • Shell
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • AppleScript/JXA

Mobile App Databases

There are many mobile app databases available and the one we choose for your app will depend on how you wish to store and retrieve your data from the app; size of your data; speed and scale; data model; data security; data synchronisation and more. Some popular mobile app databases are mentioned below.

  • SQLite
  • Firebase
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • Realm DB
  • ORMLite
  • Berkeley DB
  • Couchbase Lite
  • Teradata
  • Amazon DynamoDB

Mobile App Development Process

Our mobile app development process is led by an experienced team of software and app developers, project managers, UX and UI designers, mobile testers, test engineers and marketers where required. Learn more about our complete mobile application process below.

Developing Long-Lasting Mobile App Solutions

As your official mobile app development business partner, our team at Coderus seeks to create a long-lasting relationship with you, but more importantly, we seek to help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Over the last 20 years we have continued to work with companies like Bowers and Wilkins, INEOS and others, building successful apps with a competitive advantage made possible by our unique in-house research and analysis tool. Our expert mobile app developers can also add various technologies to your app including mapping and location tracking; loyalty, rewards and gamification; in-app donations and payments; and alerts and push notifications.

Whether you are looking to upscale your current app, create the next mobile app innovation, increase staff engagement, increase your revenue or provide a service that is more user-friendly, then choose Coderus. We apply agile methodologies to create cutting edge mobile applications that meet industry standards.

World-Class Mobile App Development Experts

We work with clients around the globe, offering a first-class strategic app development service. We can build fully custom apps according to your specific industry including charity and nonprofit apps, disaster preparedness apps, business workflow apps, finance apps, health and fitness apps, social cause and campaign apps, food delivery apps, tourism and travel apps, social networking apps, content creator apps, entertainment apps, retail and eCommerce apps, education and training apps, pharma and healthcare apps, event apps, game apps, lifestyle apps, automobile and transportation apps as well as energy and utility apps. Although we operate across 28 different industries, we specialise in a few. Keep scrolling to learn more.

software development sectors

Audio Apps

Utilising key wireless technologies like Bluetooth, we can develop audio apps that pair with a wide range of audio devices and equipment from headphones to soundbars, speakers and home entertainment systems unique to your brand.

Automotive Apps

As experienced IoT professionals, we work with connected vehicles and can build smart car apps or IoT automotive apps unique to your requirements.

Consumer Apps

There are many different types of consumer apps out there serving all different types of users from movers and shakers to shoppers, influencers, fitness enthusiasts, foodies and more. Name it and we can build it.

Entertainment Apps

Do you want to be the next Netflix, Amazon Prime or Spotify? We can help you build an app that dominates the entertainment sector.

Marine Apps

Working with INEOS UK, the contenders for America’s Cup, we have a unique foothold in this niche market and can help you create an app to communicate better with your boat and team so you are faster than ever.

MVP Apps for Start-ups

Many apps like Facebook and Twitter started out as MVPs and we have a unique partnership offering that will help you gain investment while also ensuring you have proof of concept.

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We work with clients worldwide and offer first-class agile and strategic mobile application development services on demand. Whatever type of app you want to build and for whatever purpose, we can help. If you’ve got a project in mind then we would love to hear from you. Fill out our contact form below or click to call or email us.