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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do not just internally but, everywhere we go. We have partnered and sponsored leading Innovate Suffolk events including the annual 24-Hour Hackathon to help support our local community and foster long-term relationships.
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What is Innovate Suffolk?

Innovate Suffolk is the region’s growing annual hackathon where individuals from all over the county team up and bring their tech ideas to life over a 48-hour period. The aim is to create, prototype and test a solution for a specific subject to develop a viable product to take to market. The winners are rewarded financially and are given direct access to opportunities that will bring their idea to life and accelerate its production.

Innovate Suffolk brings together technology and startup talent across the county in an open inclusive way. Through events and networking they help connect people, communities and resources to solve real-world problems, build long-term, viable collaborations and nurture scalable businesses across the county. Their first ever event is a 48 hour startup hackathon focused on mental health.

These events are great way to develop community, learn new skills and can even offer the opportunity to develop a product, or idea, after the Hack has finished and see it become a real business opportunity.


How has Coderus helped?

We have helped to fund and sponsor Innovate Suffolk events right from the beginning in collaboration with Fortis Recruitment and Matrixx to help build and form what Innovate Suffolk is today. We have been proud to be a part of its evolution and will continue to support it for as long as we can. This includes sponsoring events, recruiting for members and participating in the hackathon annually. We have even had one of our very own developers win the event in the first year!

Coderus were pleased to announce our sponsorship of the hackathon last year dealing with the topic of Mental Health, along with IJYI, Banbury Howard, Suitcase TV, Hays, Matrixx and University of Suffolk, of the above event which aimed to make a real difference and to overcome mental health challenges. Last year one of our in-house Developers teamed up with a member of the StrategiQ Marketing family to launch their new mobile app, Stress buddy to help recognise and support mental health and were proud joint winners at the 2019 Hackathon.

We continue to be an active supporter, founding member and participator of the annual hackathon and are looking forward to the next event which will due to COVID-19 now be taking place in 2021.

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