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Ipswich Makerspace

Dedicated to making a difference locally, as well as globally, at Coderus we take an active involvement in inspiring the community. We have built a long-term partner and sponsorship with Ipswich Makerspace to help improve access to community tech.

What is Ipswich Makerspace?

Ipswich Makerspace is a Suffolk-based group made up of like-minded makers who come together to learn, build and experiment with various types of technology, modern hardware, traditional craft-works and everything in between.

Based on Dove Street in Ipswich, the group has access to a range of different equipment to cater to the community such as 3D printers, laser cutters, a CNC machine and the computers needed to drive them.

The Ipswich Makerspace’s membership is made up of individuals with diverse interests ranging from programming, robotics and electronics to woodworking, costumes, models and sculpture.

The group aims to share knowledge, demonstrate skills and inspire new levels of creativity, inventiveness and ingenuity. The sheer number of amazing tiny devices that can be hooked together to do incredible things means there’s never been a better time to be interested in technology.

How has Coderus helped Ipswich Makerspace?

Our longstanding commitment to community engagement and our passion for technology perfectly aligns with Ipswich Makerspace’s core values. We worked out a sponsorship agreement that enables us to support Makerspace and get our staff involved in helping the individuals there better understand technology and what it can be used to achieve.

Each Coderus member has the opportunity to visit the Makerspace and work on personal projects and attend the regular meetings and in-house project events.

Mark Thomas, Founder CEO of Coderus said:

“From modern hardware to traditional crafts, Ipswich Makerspace fits perfectly into creative projects. It has been really nice seeing some of the team using the laser cutter and the 3D printers for their own projects already and Stephen Chalkey has welcomed us all.”

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Are you an organisation interested in collaborating?

We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with local businesses and non-profit organisations.