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Our embedded software development service is managed by our professional fully-certified team of embedded software engineers and covers the entire process from prototyping an embedded design to the production schematic design – with development of the firmware which runs on top of it – and supporting the manufacturing and certification process.

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Why choose Coderus to develop your embedded system?

Coderus has the in-house expertise to design and develop a wide range of small-scale, medium-scale and sophisticated embedded systems from stand-alone embedded systems to real-time embedded systems, networked embedded systems and mobile embedded systems.

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Turning Great Ideas Into Market Leading, Connected Products

We turn great ideas into market-leading, connected products by specialising in embedded software design and development of real-time embedded systems. With 20+ years of experience as a software design and development agency, we understand the challenges of embedded systems and how to solve them.

Coderus has been a key software vendor to us for many years and for the past few years our sole client solution provider. They have been delivering first-class solutions for our fast-growing ‘new media’ software products, including developing our desktop ( Apple macOS and MS Windows), mobile (iOS & Android) and Server solutions. We respect Coderus’ deep domain and wide cross-platform expertise, supporting our firmware and other partners to ensure an integrated and seamless solution.
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Embedded Software Development Expertise

Our embedded engineers have 20+ years of experience building efficient and secure embedded systems for industrial and smart home automation applications, consumer electronics products, silicon-based devices, telecommunications and GPS-based systems. Our embedded expertise expands wearables, sensors, Wi-Fi routers, home appliances, automation and more. Our multidisciplinary project management team can also deliver development services across the entire software life cycle and build embedded solutions of any complexity.

Our embedded engineering expertise covers firmware, hardware and software development for multiple embedded projects and we create reliable software solutions that fit complex technical requirements of top-notch hardware manufacturers. We ensure embedded software and hardware components successfully handle multiple internal and external factors affecting their performance. View some of our more tailored solutions below.

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Firmware Development

We have expertise developing custom embedded firmware, which is the flash memory chip that stores specialised software, running in a chip in an embedded device, that serves as a minimalistic operating system (OS) and provides the instructions for all the device’s control, monitoring and data manipulation functions. In embedded systems, firmware fills the same purpose as ROM or other non-volatile memory but can be updated more easily in order to adapt to a variety of conditions and interconnect with other equipment.

Embedded Hardware Development and Design

Our team of software design engineers design the circuit or PCB and work alongside our partners at Microchip, Cypress, Qualcomm, Apple MFI, DigiKey, Rapid, Farnell and other top distributors to source the best components for your custom embedded system. We will then build out the custom system utilising the hardware design plan and the most high-quality products.

Embedded Software

Embedded software is a piece of specialised programming that is embedded into hardware or non-PC devices, either as part of a microprocessor or another application that sits on top of the chip, in order to control specific functions of the device. Embedded software is written specifically for the hardware it runs on and tends to have processing as well as memory constraints due to the device’s limited computing capabilities. Our team will develop the software using a range of low and high-level programming languages.

Communication Protocols

We have expertise in a variety of communication protocols and recommend MQTT, CoAP or RESTfall as standard protocols although we have experience in other more specific IoT protocols.

IoT Solutions

Our team has built embedded systems used in IoT product development. We have different communication networks that work with different distances such as WPAN, LAN or Metropolitan Area Network. Typically for IoT, the protocols are Bluetooth, BLE (low-power) ZigBee protocol, Wireless LAN, LORAwan (long-range), 6 LoPAN and SigFox.

Commercial Operating Systems

We can work with a range of commercial operating systems such as Windows 10 IoT, Linux and Yocto.

Embedded System Development Cycle

Coderus is an expert at developing embedded software systems for a range of operating systems. Our embedded software development process is managed by our professional team of software developers, covering the entire software development life cycle, including hardware and software design and implementation.

Embedded Software Development Clients

We work with clients around the globe, offering a first-class strategic and agile embedded software development service. Our team has produced development projects incorporating Bluetooth technology as well as hardware accessories, sensors, USB protocols, LoRaWAN technologies, Android accessories and MFi. Whether it is building a prototype or updating a product ready for a product release, we consistently deliver exceptional results for all of our clients.

Our Projects

Industry Specific Embedded Development

We can build bespoke embedded software custom for your industry. Learn about some of our specialist industries below.

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We can create audio embedded systems to improve digital performance and audio processing.



Experts in the automotive sector, our team can design reliable embedded automotive systems that are compliant AUTOSAR and MISRA standards.



Our team can create embedded software solutions for mobile gadgets, IoT, smart home and navigation devices (GPS and GLONASS) for Android (Android Accessory), iOS (AirPlay, WAC, LAM), macOS, Windows, Linux and other operating systems.



Our services covered embedded system design and development for a wide range of products in the entertainment sector from TVs to media players, cinema systems, registration devices and e-book readers.



Our team can develop a range of marine embedded systems for maritime applications including control rooms, safety systems, integrated bridge systems and propulsion controls.

MVP for Startups

MVP for Startups

Many of the products out there today like washing machines started out as MVPs and have improved over time with more sophisticated embedded systems that allow for things like touch control. We can help you make your idea or upgrade a reality.

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We work with clients worldwide and offer first-class agile and strategic embedded development services. Whatever type of embedded software you want to build and for whatever purpose, we can help. If you’ve got a project in mind then we would love to hear from you. Fill out the contact form below.