Why Our Cypress Design Partnership Matters

Coderus Design Cypress Partnership

Coderus is proud to be one of just five approved Cypress Design Partners in the U.K. This means that we have demonstrated our competence with Cypress products and have been approved by the Cypress Semiconductor Corporation as a trusted and capable design service and solution provider.

Coderus works with a number of Cypress modules, offering our clients full solutions from prototypes through to production and supporting infrastructure and lifecycle. 

Our recent projects have seen our developers work with Cypress low-power microcontrollers and wireless solutions within embedded audio projects for a client.

What is the Cypress Design Partner Program?

The Cypress Design Partner Program serves as a directory for customers to access design services and solutions from the listed partners approved by Cypress. The program’s members consist of independent consultants, independent design houses and original design manufacturers with in-house design.

Cypress Design Partner Program Requirements

In order to become an approved member of the Cypress Design Partner Program, we had to meet the following requirements

  • We had to provide evidence of the completion of at least one design where we have worked with a Cypress Product Line, Cypress FAE, sales engineer, sales representative or Cypress-dedicated distributor FAE.
  • We needed to offer services, products or solutions for Cypress’ current products.
  • We needed to be willing to share our non-confidential design activity and design pipeline information with Cypress.
  • We needed to be able to demonstrate our value to the program.
  • We needed to have an established successful business track record for two or more years and have done business with Cypress’ product and solution users.
  • We needed to have a current and regularly maintained website.
  • We needed to be able to notify Cypress of any changes to our contact or profile information listed on the Cypress website.

Benefits of Cypress Design Partner

Cypress Design Partners can benefit from being listed on the Cypress website as well as the ability to publish solution examples, priority access to technical support and access to Cypress product training.

Cypress is a world leader for high-performance embedded system design and it’s exciting to be recognised as an approved partner for its solutions. Incorporating our embedded solutions across Cypress’ design environment has been an intuitive experience and we look forward to extending the benefits to our customers.

Mark Thomas, CEO of Coderus

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December 14, 2020
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