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Our team of creative and experienced UX and UI mobile app designers design mobile apps for businesses in all industries, ranging from start-ups to large blue-chip enterprises, in the UK and internationally. Using a research-driven design approach, we develop simple, clean and attractive mobile app designs that solve real-world problems. By concentrating our efforts on crafting seamless user experiences, we are able to deliver the most optimal conditions for consistent user engagement for your mobile application.

Industry Accreditations

Establishing a Seamless Bespoke Mobile App Design

With over 20 years of experience in the mobile app development industry, we know that every profitable mobile app on the market is backed by strategy built on qualitative and quantitative audience research. By utilising user-centred design strategies in our bespoke mobile application design service, we’re able to create intuitive and effective mobile apps with appealing features that have fast loading times, are easy to use and minimise cognitive load so your users aren’t overwhelmed. This user focus and data-led approach provide your users with a streamlined app experience, which improves engagement and retention and helps you achieve your product goals.

coderus creative concepts home app hero image

Home App | Smart Home Automation App | Coderus Creative Concepts

After becoming aware of some faults that are present within the smart home automation apps currently on the market, we decided to design our own.
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coderus motivational maps case study

Motivational Maps | Coderus Creative Concepts

Motivational Maps didn’t have a mobile application, so we designed them one.
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codenected dating app case study hero image

Codenected | Dating App | Coderus Creative Concepts

Coderus conducted user research and found a gap in the UK market for a dating app that targets friendly tech-minded people and neurodiverse individuals.
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We are acutely aware how competitive the mobile app market is and we do whatever we can to differentiate the apps we design. By ensuring that we have a coherent vision of what the app is hoping to achieve, following design best practices and using an iterative design process that incorporates user feedback into the entire process, we are able to create apps that stand out from the crowd!
Jennifer Bradford
Head of Design – Coderus

Importance of Design

The design phase of a mobile app project is the most important part of the mobile app development process because without a functional, engaging and inspirational design, your mobile app will not succeed. Our fully-qualified in-house designers understand exactly what it takes to design intriguing and creative mobile applications – and will work closely with your team and target audience to ensure we design you a cutting edge, captivating mobile app.

A Comprehensive Design Offering

Our developers, UX and UI designers strive to create a balance between the look, feel and user experience of an app. Our goal is to create an app with clear functionality and unique design features that grab the attention of your end-users and create a lasting impression, while also saving you time and cost in the long run. With an experienced team on board and in-depth industry knowledge as an accomplished mobile design agency, we are able to offer a unique and comprehensive design service for every company in every industry. We’ve also worked hard to achieve industry accreditations that allow us to work on a wide variety of complex mobile app design projects with confidence and conviction.

Design Strategy

Before we can craft you a mobile app design solution, we will need to understand the alignment between your company strategy and mobile strategy and your target audience as well as the purpose and benefits of the app to end users. As experts, we know that the key to launching a successful mobile application is establishing these crucial pieces of information followed by determining a suitable budget and project schedule.

The Impact

User Experience (UX) Design

User experience (UX) design is essential to the success of your mobile application because a positive user experience has been proven to keep users loyal to products, brands and service. Once we understand your strategy, our in-house design team will conduct research and generate a clearly defined customer journey that is most conducive to the success of your mobile app, includes meaningful user experiences and fulfils your users’ needs.

The Impact

User Interface (UI) Design

User interface (UI) design is vital to the success of your mobile application because visual design, interaction design and information architecture are the driving forces behind usability, responsiveness and accessibility of a mobile app, all of which increase user engagement. As such, our design team will focus on ensuring the initial UI of your app is anchored to your brand and polished enough to withstand design trends, but flexible enough to allow for content, design and functionality to evolve as the product matures.

The Impact

Mobile App Design Process

There is an immense need for exceptional UI and UX design in the mobile app industry as much as there is the need for perfect clean backend code. Our detailed design process ensures that your iOS or Android mobile application will be highly engaging and contain an intuitive end-user experience.

Progressive Mobile App Designs
Our mobile app design service complements our overarching mobile app development service, is data-driven and allows you to maximise the financial value of your customers by being agile and responsive while also exhibiting a deep understanding of your user needs and behaviours, proven via our successful project case studies. We also have the knowledge and experience working with companies at all stages of the development life cycle for Android, cross-platform and iOS apps. So whether you have a new app idea or you are in the product launch stage and need help with ongoing analysis, we can create a mobile design service customised for your requirements.
Our Projects

Industry Specific Mobile App Design

We have designed apps for some of the most competitive industries from audio to automotive, consumer, entertainment, marine and more, developing blue-chip solutions and innovative start-up mobile apps, all of which began with a well-defined design strategy. No matter what you want to achieve, big or small, we are able to define exactly what is needed to launch your mobile app effectively on time and on budget.


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