Helping Ipswich and Suffolk technology communities build strong partnerships, share new ideas, educate and push local business growth. SyncIpswich is an open community for all technologists, creatives, entrepreneurs and graduates to meet up, flaunt ideas, recruit help and expertise and learn new things.
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What is SyncIpswich?

SyncIpswich is a valuable community for all entrepreneurs, technologists, graduates, creatives and those looking to communicate with our local business scene. Ipswich is a growing community of likeminded individuals across the industry working in local and national technology companies The meet-up is a great place to connect with other like minded individual, flaunt ideas, recruit and learn more about the community and the exciting things going on.

They offers a series of meetups and events across the community and is a sister group to the SyncDevelopHer awards. They have also helped to co-organise and assist with major tech events including the annual Innovate Suffolk Hackathon, Tech East’s Tech & Toast, and Tech Nation talks.

SyncIpswich is also a community dedicated to educating young entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, designers and graduates on how to set up a business, the latest technology trends, security in software engineering, mapping out the tech cluster and predicting the future with insightful talks from those who have had the experiences of growing a tech business in Suffolk.


How has Coderus helped?

We help as co-organisers, event hosts, community though leaders and we occasionally provide pizza. A member of our team is always there to answer any queries and provide ongoing support at events.

Over the years SyncIpswich has brought a whole array of local businesses together to join forces, from Innovate Suffolk, Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre, to us here at Coderus, Ipswich Makerspace, IJYI and the Creative Computer Club to name just a few.

In 2019, our CEO and co-host of SyncIpswich, Mark Thomas celebrated Coderus’ 21st birthday by bringing a talk to the people of Ipswich and Suffolk to discuss the do’s and dont’s of starting up a business and how he began his journey programming in his bedroom leading to a award-winning software team and TechNation rising star.

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Are you an organisation interested in collaborating?

We take on the most dynamic graduate talent, extending their learning into new and exciting opportunities while adding their fresh ideas to our own experience.
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