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Innovation Martlesham

Innovation Martlesham is a digital/IT collaborative ecosystem, based at Adastral Park, comprising more than 150 businesses operating within the digital and technology sectors. Alongside providing physical and virtual office accommodation, the Innovation Martlesham cluster hosts a variety of networking opportunities and events as well as offering business support and mentorship.

What is Innovation Martlesham?

Innovation Martlesham is a high tech cluster of ICT businesses based at Adastral Park in Martlesham, Suffolk. The cluster is home tech companies of all sizes including large companies like BT, Cisco Systems, Nokia and Huawei Technologies and smaller ones such as Coderus.

Innovation Martlesham provides indispensable support for early-stage tech companies, offering free, serviced office space and comms for a minimum of six months as well as commercial advice from experienced mentors.

Members of the Innovation Martlesham ecosystem can also benefit from secure hot desk facilities and free business support functions.

How is Coderus involved in Innovation Martlesham?

As proud members of the Innovation Martlesham ecosystem, Coderus proudly supports and attends Innovation Martlesham events and networking opportunities. 

In the past, we have even hosted events together with Innovation Martlesham, such as our 2019 Google I/O Extended event and have also collaborated on projects with a number of fellow Innovation Martlesham companies, including GlazeAlarm.

We hope to continue our involvement with the Innovation Martlesham ecosystem and support, nurture and network with other businesses within the cluster in the future.

Are you an organisation interested in collaborating?

We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with local businesses and non-profit organisations.