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Our User Experience Design process puts the user at the heart of the design process to cater for your needs at all times and taking into consideration all aspects of branding, design, usability and function. For a good mobile or embedded user experience, our in-house UX Designers ensure that all apps are designed to attract users and create the perfect first impression.

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Designing for the User

When it comes to UX Design, our expert UX Designers can help create seamless experiences across devices for every user. We focus on key design elements such as loading speed, user feedback and data input practices to improve user engagement, and support cross-platform development with android and iOS. We devote time to researching and understanding your users’ needs, understanding in-app behaviour patterns and responding to the latest mobile app development industry trends.

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Home App | Smart Home Automation App | Coderus Creative Concepts

After becoming aware of some faults that are present within the smart home automation apps currently on the market, we decided to design our own.
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coderus motivational maps case study

Motivational Maps | Coderus Creative Concepts

Motivational Maps didn’t have a mobile application, so we designed them one.
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codenected dating app case study hero image

Codenected | Dating App | Coderus Creative Concepts

Coderus conducted user research and found a gap in the UK market for a dating app that targets friendly tech-minded people and neurodiverse individuals.
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Our ultimate goal is to make users’ lives easier – finding their pain points and solving them for them. It is a constant exercise of empathy and understanding, and we keep the user in the forefront of our minds throughout the design process (and beyond!). We love the challenge of balancing elegant designs with usability, functionality and accessibility, while at the same time hitting that sweet spot between user goals and business goals, which is where true value lies.
Jennifer Bradford
Head of Design – Coderus

What is User Experience Design?

We would best define User Experience Design as the process our team uses to create mobile applications that provide valuable experiences to the end user. Our expert team of UI and UX Designers are involved in all aspects of branding, design, usability and functionality to encompass the users journey and provide a great user experience on all devices. Our designs are produced with the user in mind and focused on personalisation, efficiency, functionality to create positive experiences across multiple platforms including wearables, mobile devices and tablets.

Components of the UX Design Process

Our User Experience Design process considers factors such as in-app behaviour patterns, user retention and user lifetime value. We always take into consideration the why, what and the how. This includes what your motivations, values and views of the end design are, the apps functionality and features, and its overall accessibility and aesthetics.

UX Design Clients
Our clients range from leading supplier’s of technology solutions for smart audio devices, to one of the best yacht racing teams in the world! We have an experienced team of in-house developers, UX/UI designers and test engineers, who help deliver high-performance solutions for all across the globe.
Our Projects

UX Design Expertise Across All Industries

Users are at the heart of everything we do. Working across multiple industries, from retail, to the consumer and automotive industry, our goal is to create unique user experiences to all by making every design user friendly and as engaging as possible to make sure your users come back time and time again. Our User Experience Design process considers factors such as in-app behaviour patterns, user retention and user lifetime value working across the audio, consumer, entertainment, marine, automotive and MPV for Startups industries.


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