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Taking an agile QA Testing methodology to every project we manage combining automated tests and manual testing to ensure the highest of industry-standards. Testing the effectiveness and outcomes of all our software-related products with a dedicated in-house QA Team.

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Ensuring Our Apps & Software Are Market Ready

At Coderus we take a strategic approach to ensuring all our apps and software are market-ready, by assessing product usability, performance, security, and compatibility as part of our agile testing process. We offer full mobile app QA services on multiple devices, with access to 1000’s of mobile handsets for testing and an expert team of ISTQB & ISEB Certified Test Engineers who can verify product compliance and ensure apps are thoroughly-tested and market-ready before launch.

coderus ineos team uk tactical aid app case study

INEOS TEAM UK | Tactical Aid App

Coderus developed a tablet application for INEOS TEAM UK, which was used in the 36th America’s Cup Challenge.
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The Things Network Gateway | LoRaWAN Mapper Plus Application

Coderus designed and developed an Android application for the Internet of Things Network Mapper that utilises LoRaWAN technology.
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GlazeAlarm | Smart Alarm App and Controller

Utilising embedded mobile app technologies, Coderus developed an IoT application and smart alarm system for GlazeAlarm.
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The QA team are experts in their field, we strive to ensure all our products are issue free and are of the highest quality. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our testing and use the latest technologies that are appropriate to the product we are testing.
Chris Hodges
Head Of Quality Assurance – Coderus

QA & Testing Lifecycle Phases

Using an agile testing process we execute all stages of the QA lifecycle process. Our expert team of QA Engineers follows a strategic testing strategy making sure testing is a document and transparent at all times. From running smoke tests, ethernet and battery testing, regression, instrumentation testing and ad-hoc, exploratory tests, to all stages of the design and implementation process.

What are the types of mobile app testing?

We understand the importance of creating a flawless user experience for all, especially when it comes to the development of a high-performing mobile application. This requires a review of the most effective mobile app testing tools, depending on the type of app that is being built, from functional testing to memory leakage testing, usability testing, and installation testing.

Functional Testing

Functional software testing ensures that the mobile application installs and launches correctly, users can sign-up and login and all-over design features function as they should, including all text boxes and buttons.

Security Testing

The app must be secured at all times, especially if it requires users to hand over their personal information. Security testing ensures that the app guarantees confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity at all times.

Performance Testing

This checks how well the mobile application performs under a particular workload and highlights any possible bug-related issues or malfunctions. This includes checking the overall device performance, network performance and API, server performance, such as start-up time, battery consumption, delays or errors receiving information and how quickly data can be transferred.

Memory Leakage Testing

Memory leakage testing can detect any vulnerabilities and memory leak patterns in mobile applications, that are caused by failure to not be able to deallocate memory that is no longer in use. This can also be performed during the system and functional testing on multiple devices to track memory usage and leaks.

Interrupt Testing

Interrupt testing deals with how an application reacts to common interruptions, including incoming SMS messages, phone calls, battery alerts and loss of network connection and determines how the application behaves.

Usability Testing

Usability testing checks how user-friendly the mobile application is in terms of ease of use, flexible app controls, and navigation modes. A good design and layout that encourages an exceptional user experience, is reviewed during the process.

Installation Testing

This is a type of testing that is done at the initial stage of the mobile apps life. Installation testing checks whether the mobile app installs, uninstalls and updates without any user dis-satisfaction and is performing correctly.

Operational Testing

An operational test measures the readiness of an app based on its performance, accessibility, stability, and maintainability. It also ensures the mobile application is fully compliant in its standard operating environment (SOE).

Localisation Testing

Building a test environment involves setting aside separate regions on computers, servers or networks. This involves analysing localised versions of the application to make sure the system runs well with local settings for users from different regions.

Why Software Testing is so Important to Us

Software testing is integral to any software project we manage so we can make sure the software is providing the right results and is performing to the highest of standards every time. When it comes to delivering quality software products and solutions, we use the latest software testing approaches, such as manual and automated testing and usability testing, to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction for the best user experience.

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We work with leading individuals, companies and brands from those in the automotive sector to marine, media, and entertainment to deliver exceptional Quality Assurance services to all.
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Our Quality Assurance and testing services are led by our experienced team of QA Engineers who support every stage of the testing lifecycle, from planning and design to execution and evaluation. We deliver industry-specific quality assurance services on an international level, working seamlessly to manage, track and report on your user quality metrics in real-time and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Covering all aspects of the software and mobile app development process including testing methods, planning, and evaluation, we guarantee quality assurance services all round. 


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