Coderus Wins at National Technology Leaders Awards 2021

Coderus is proud to announce that after being shortlisted for three awards in the National Technology Awards, we have won the Tech Team of the Year Award alongside our client INEOS TEAM UK.

Why did Coderus and INEOS TEAM UK win Tech Team of the Year?

Founded in 1851, America’s Cup is a global sailing competition between sailing yachts where the winner wins a trophy called America’s Cup.

Over the last 6 years, Coderus has been working with Great Britain’s Royal Yacht Squadron (Currently INEOS TEAM UK – rebranded recently to INEOS Britannia) across the 35th and 36th America’s Cup Challenges.

During this time, we helped develop a Tactical Application, which utilises IoT infrastructure and delivers race-critical information clearly and quickly to the onboard team.

“We were desperate for an app which could act as a virtual seventh crew member and become central to our decision-making process during the race, providing Ben (Ainslie) and I with the data that we really need to gain a competitive advantage. We’ve had great support from Coderus through all stages of the development, from design, build and now refinement out on the water.”

Tactician and Olympic Gold Medallist, Giles Scott

We are proud to say that the work we have done has paid off, not only giving the team a competitive advantage in the competition but we have now won an award for our efforts

You can read more about this project in our case study or watch our YouTube video for more information. We also produced another piece of software known as Chimera, which gave INEOS TEAM UK an additional leg up in the America’s Cup competition.

“With the work that Coderus have done for us, we’ve achieved roughly a 10x fold increase in productivity. It’s become truly an essential piece of what we do.”

Nick Holroyd, Chief Designer INEOS TEAM UK

Do you need an IoT app for your sports team?

We develop IoT applications to help sports teams improve their performance as we did for the America’s Cup sailing competition.

September 30, 2021
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