10 Christmas Gifts for the Tech Director – Great Ways to Treat Your Gadget Geek

What do you buy for the person who (technically) has everything? Ali Thomas, married to Coderus’ Tech Director Mark Thomas, got together with the Coderus team to bring you Top 10 gift ideas for the gadget geek in your life.

Buying gifts for a tech director is a challenge. If it’s cool and gadgety, then they will most likely have it long before everyone else. My husband for example. As the owner of a tech business, our house has long been a homage to Hue – and Alexa is part of the family!

Fortunately, Mark and the Coderus team chat a lot about cutting-edge tech. With their help, I’ve rounded up some cool gift ideas to suit tech-focused folks.

1. Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones £349.99

As a tech partner to Bowers & Wilkins, I might be biased but these high end headphones are among the best. As well as offering a fantastic audio experience, the PX7 are wireless, supremely comfy and look great. Plus, the PX7 utilise the Qualcomm aptX HD Adaptive Codec. As a result, the wearer can switch between listening modes e.g. music and gaming without any lag. Perfect for the tech director that lives and breathes audio.

2. Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor  £44.99

This smart motion sensor turns your lights on whenever it detects movement, filling your outdoor space with a reassuring glow. As a result, there’s no tripping over the kids’ footballs in the dark when we put the bins out. Of course, it’s a good safety device too.

3. Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Starter Kit E27 £149.99

Create a chilled out vibe in any room, and control the lights with your voice, or remotely via a mobile app. With thousands of white light shades and 16 million colours, it’s easy to transform any space with a few swipes. Perfect for new year parties!

4. SanDisk Extreme External SSD £234.99

Tech directors demand plenty of storage on the go, and this pocket sized external hard drive fits the bill perfectly. With a whopping 1 TB of data storage and rugged design, it’s ideal for Mark’s annual Mecca to Google I/O!

5. Anker Power Port III mini $25.99

This handy device will charge a smartphone in rapid quick time yet is really compact. It’s a great price too – I’ll be putting this on my son’s gift list for his dad.

6. Fitbit Versa 2 Fitness Tracking Smartwatch £179.99

This smart watch has sleek yet sporty looks, so it doubles for work and play. With Alexa on board, the wearer can interact with the watch via their voice and see text responses on the screen.

7. Apple AirPods Pro £249.00

The bestselling pods now come with noise cancelling tech and they’re also sweat resistant. The sound quality is good, the noise reduction is great. And with slightly shorter stems than before, they’re more discrete too

8. Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Clock £59.99

The third gen version of the Dot now has a cool fabric cover and optional LED clock face. Set your wake up call; listen to Audible content; make music choices, all with your voice. Plus it will turn on your lights and adjust your heating when linked to other connected devices.

9. Nintendo Switch Lite £199.99

A generous stocking filler for the techy who was raised on the house of Mario; the latest incarnation of the Switch is as close to handheld gaming as it gets. The Switch Lite is perfect for Christmas Day gaming on the sofa.

10. Square Off Kingdom Set $289

This chessboard might look classic, but pair up with the app and your loved one can play chess either against a world of online players or against 20 levels of Artificial Intelligence. It’s not cheap but its robotic arm movements are magical; I know Mark would love it.


Smart home devices make great Christmas gifts since they’re getting more reasonable price-wise and are fun to use. For the active techy, a smartwatch infused with voice control makes a great gift. If you’re really looking to treat your tech director, then a pair of high end, wireless headphones will go down a storm.

Prices are correct at time of writing but are just a guide and not intended to be definitive.

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