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Technology is only as good as the experience it offers to its users. At Coderus, whether we’re developing apps for mobile, embedded technologies or something a little different, we take your objectives and work with them to put the user’s experience first.

Our agile approach to development is supported by state-of-the-art interface design and high-performing coding. World class planning tools ensure timely, cost-effective, and highly secure project delivery.

All helping to transform our clients’ results, to improve perceptions of their brands, and to move into the future confidently together.

Our ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified process, and our team of experienced, certified developers, giving confidence that the apps we produce are of the highest quality.

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“Protecting our clients’ brand is our priority; our certifications support that our products and services are of the highest quality.”

Mark Thomas, Coderus


Delivering end to end solutions across the consumer, business, and enterprise sectors, our experts in mobile app development help businesses to connect and engage with customers across the globe. Our apps range from consumer focused to highly custom resilient apps, supporting America’s Cup Challenge.

We have experience in delivering the most challenging of apps across both iOS and Android. Our team has produced apps incorporating Bluetooth, hardware accessories, music streaming, custom users experience, and more.

All these supported by our Android Certification and Apple’s MFi program, which prove our ability to design a wide range of app solutions.

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Specialising in designing real-time embedded software solutions, developed using some of the most innovative silicon designs, at Coderus we turn great ideas into market leading, connected products. We understand the challenges of compact coding, efficiency, low power and high performance for devices in many rapidly developing markets.

With a proven experience in delivering high performance and reliance solutions on various modules across many module providers. All these supported by the Design Certifications and Partnership relationships we have attained with Cypress, Microchip and Qualcomm.

Our team has produced embedded solutions incorporating Bluetooth (BLE), Hardware accessories, Sensors, USB Protocols, LoRaWAN technologies, Android Accessories and MFi . We have collaborated with clients from building prototypes to product release, starting from open source boards as Raspberry Pi’s, BeagleBone boards to migrating to commercial modules for production.

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Who we are

We’re a well-honed team of developers, testers and engineers with a passion for results.

Based in Ipswich and Cambridge, we work with clients in many different sectors and around the world – and we’re always growing.

We take on the most dynamic graduate talent, extending their learning into new and exciting opportunities while adding their fresh ideas to our own experience. Allowing us to remain agile and ahead of the curve.

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