250+ App Ideas

app ideas

An app start-up’s success is largely dependent on how strong the application idea is. An app idea’s strength relates to what the app will offer users, how much the audience needs it and how different it is from the other apps available on the market or in a certain niche.

However, coming up with a great, innovative idea for an app these days isn’t easy – especially with how saturated the market has become. 

In fact, by the end of 2020, Android users were able to choose between 3.14 million apps and iOS users had access to almost 2.09 million apps (Statista) – and this figure is only going to rise as time goes on.

We’ve compiled a list of some simple but creative app ideas that you can use as creative inspiration for your start-up, some of which are completely brand new and some of which are current ideas that are just now breaking through with plenty of opportunities to steal users away from the competition.

Below is a definitive list of creative app ideas that you can steal and adapt if you’re having trouble coming up with something.

1. AR Interior Design App

An AR-powered interior design app utilises users’ device cameras to help them get a better idea of how furniture will look placed within their home.

Have you ever bought some furniture and then realised it’s too big for the space you had planned to place it in? An app like this would be useful to audiences who are interested in interior design or for those who are redesigning their own homes but are unsure how furniture will look in their unique space. 

There’s even potential for your startup to partner with online furniture retailers and create the functionality for users to view and purchase furniture directly through your app.

2. PDF Scanner and Converter App

A PDF scanner and converter app allows users to bypass conventional printer-scanners altogether and scan, store and export high-quality documents as PDFs or JPEGs all via their smartphones or tablets.

This app could help users keep track of important documents such as receipts, contracts, notes, whiteboards and more.

3. Train Tracking App

For those who are frequent users of public transport, a train tracking app could be incredibly useful for ensuring they’re always taking the most efficient route to their destination.

One of the most frustrating aspects of using public transport is when it’s running late and you’re not sure how much longer it’ll be so you can’t decide whether it’s best to wait or seek out another mode of transport instead.

A train tracking app could pinpoint the location of the train a user is waiting for and provide an accurate estimate of how much longer the train will take to arrive. 

With this information, the user can decide whether an alternative mode of transport would get them to their destination quicker so they aren’t wasting time waiting for a train that won’t arrive for another hour.

4. Health & Food Planning App

A health and food planner app helps users keep track of their day-to-day health as well as make intelligent suggestions for meals and recipes that would help the user maintain their health and fitness.

All recipes would be curated by leading professional chefs, nutritionists and healthy food enthusiasts.

There is potential for an app of this kind to partner with food subscription box services for deliveries or supermarkets to add to a virtual shopping list or online order.

5. Language Learning App

A beginner-level language learning app is perfect for targeting audiences who are keen to expand their horizons and learn a new skill.

The app can feature increasing levels of difficulty as the user progresses through the lessons available, from saying basic greetings to constructing full sentences for complex conversations.

6. Voice Translation App

A voice translation app appeals to audiences who travel regularly or those who have frequent contact with people who speak different languages to them. An app like this would greatly simplify communication between these parties and remove the possibility of incorrect pronunciations which are common on text-based translation apps.

7. Bike Maintenance Matching Service App

For cyclists, a bike maintenance matching service would efficiently connect them with local maintenance providers that can fix any issues they’re having with their bikes.

This would help improve the speed at which repairs can be made, encourage the support of local businesses, improve business-customer relationship transparency and streamline stock management and order management for businesses.

8. Phone Call Recorder App

Whilst phone calls are a great way to keep in contact with friends, family, colleagues and businesses – some, unfortunately, experience harassment, phishing and prank calls via phone calls.

A phone call recorder app could help victims of these sorts of crimes to collect evidence for later use.

9. Product Scan to Shop App

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing that you love but have no idea where to find? A product scan to shop app eliminates this problem, allowing users to utilise their device cameras to scan items and be presented with the closest matches to the item they’re looking for.

10. Shopping Centre Navigation App

We probably all know our way around our local shopping centre, but it’s easy to get lost in ones you’ve never been to before or those that are slightly bigger than you’re used to.

A shopping centre navigation app hosts a digital map of shopping centres close to the user’s location with directions to find amenities like toilets, concierge desks or multi-faith prayer rooms.

The app could even include features to show users how crowded the shopping centre, whether the restaurants there have availability or how busy the car park is.

11. Missing Persons Alert App

Whilst high-profile missing person cases tend to receive lots of media coverage with the face of the person who’s missing being central to these types of reports, but it can be difficult to remember what these people look like when you’re going about day-to-day life afterwards.

And what about the cases that don’t receive their fair share of coverage in the media?

A missing person alert app has the potential to save lives and could improve the chances of missing people being found – preventing them from further risk or harm.

12. Fitness App

Fitness apps will always appeal to more health-conscious audiences, allowing them to monitor and maintain their overall health and fitness. 

Users would be able to create healthy habits and store various types of health data such as weight, heart rate, water intake and more. As well as this, users would have access to a global community of like-minded health enthusiasts, nutritionists and health professionals.

13. Restaurant Tip Calculator App

Restaurant tip calculator app users would be able to easily work out how much they need to give the service staff for a tip by simply inputting the value of their bill and the number of guests at the table.

14. Car Ride Sharing App

A car ride-sharing app helps users both reduce their carbon footprint as well as their transportation costs.

Drivers can input their destination to the app allowing them to be matched with other commuters going to the same destination with who they can share the costs.

15. Food and Restaurant Recommendation App

A food recommendation app allows users to venture out of their culinary comfort zones to experience new cuisines, with the app matching them to local restaurants and takeaways.

Users can also add reviews of the restaurants they’ve tried with suggestions for what other users should try from the menu.

16. Parking Spot Availability App

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find a parking spot when you need one – especially if you’re already running late.

A parking spot availability app could match users with available parking spaces close to their location using GPS webcams, location services and live parking data.

17. Table-specific Restaurant Reservation App

Most restaurant reservation apps assign you a random table in the restaurant, only taking into account how many guests will be seated at the table. 

A table-specific restaurant reservation app allows users to view the layout of the tables in the restaurant and pick the one that best suits them. For example, a user might prefer a private corner booth for an intimate date or may prefer a more central table for a big celebration or announcement.

18. Study Group App

A virtual study group app could be beneficial for students of all ages, especially whilst some social distancing measures remain in place.

Users would be able to use the app to communicate with each other, share notes and prepare for assessments together.

19. Karaoke App

Karaoke apps allow users to access audio filters that transform their voices into those of their favourite singers.

20. In-Store Checkout App

In-store checkout apps would allow users to scan products with their mobile devices as they shop and then check out virtually – avoiding waiting in long queues.

21. Video-Editing App

Video remains one of the most popular types of content on the internet today not just as a marketing tool but for users of social media apps who want to share a slice of their personal lives with their followers.

A video-editing app allows users to create professional-looking, engaging video content for a variety of purposes.

22. Unified Payment Interface (UPI) Payment App

UPI apps allow users to make instant payments to businesses for goods and services or send and request funds to and from other bank accounts.

In summary, they make the transfer of cash a much more simplified process.

23. Gift Suggestion App

A gift suggestion app could analyse a user’s friend’s social media presence to present the user with intelligent suggestions for what they could buy their friend as a gift.

24. Social Network-Based Buying, Selling and Renting App

Using a similar format to popular social media apps, a social network based buying, selling and renting app connects a user with the items their connections are trying to buy, sell or rent online.

25. Goods Transportation & Logistics App

A goods transportation and logistics app helps users locate available vehicles with the capacity to deliver their goods on short notice.

26. AR-Powered Shopping App

An AR-powered shopping app allows users the ability to see how the clothes they’re interested in would look on them before they purchase them. 

This would enable shoppers to make more informed choices on their purchases and reduce the amount of time spent returning products that don’t look or fit as expected.

27. Smart Recipe Suggestion App

A smart recipe suggestion app keeps track of all of the food available in the user’s home, from vegetables to spices, and suggests delicious recipes based on what the user currently has available at home.

An app like this is likely to reduce food waste whilst encouraging more creative cooking.

28. Toy-Swapping App

A toy-swapping app is aimed at the parents of younger children to reduce waste and ensure their children always have something new to play with. The app could help parents in the local community to communicate and arrange toy swaps.

Children get bored of their toys incredibly quickly and always having to replace old ones with the newest must-have toy can be a huge strain on the parent’s pockets – an app like this would reduce this strain massively.

29. Borrowed Money Tracker App

A borrowed money tracker app helps users keep track of how much money they’re owed by other people. An app like this would be useful for people who frequently engage in group events where it’s easier for one person to pay for the whole bill at the moment than split it all up individually.

30. Credit Card Reward Spend App

A credit card reward spending app matches users who want to maximise their spending on a rewards credit card to fully benefit from the perks with those who are interested in making purchases with specific retailers.

31. Kitchen Stock Alert App

A kitchen stock alert app can notify users when certain must-haves in their kitchen are running low or have run out and direct users to retailers that they can order these products from.

32. Covid Contact Tracing App

Contact tracing is essential for helping to reduce the spread of the pandemic, a Covid contact tracing app can help users identify the statistics relevant to their local community and wide areas as well as alerting the government of any exposures.

Read through our analysis of contact tracing apps to learn more.

33. Holiday Activity Finder App

A holiday activity finder would match users with fun locations and activities for trips away based on budget, time, preferred scenery and other relevant variables.

34. Recycling App

Often, people don’t correctly sort their waste into recyclables and non-recyclables because they’re not sure what goes into each category.

A recycling app helps users to identify which parts of their household waste are recyclable and which ones aren’t to improve this process.

35. Automatic Coupon Validation App

An automatic coupon validation app allows users to store, sort and automatically use any valid coupons they have for purchases made via the app to ensure they’re never paying more than they need to.

36. Real-Time Medical Consultation App

A real-time medical consultation app gives users the facility to communicate with vetted, trained medical professionals to ask questions, seek medical advice and book appointments.

37. Water Intake Reminder App

For those of us who are too busy, or just too forgetful to remember to drink our eight glasses of water per day, a water intake reminder app provides helpful push notifications to ensure we are meeting our daily recommended amount.

38. Social Media for Single Parents

For single parents, a social networking app that connects them with other single parents who have children of similar ages and share similar interests to them would be highly beneficial.

The app could help single parents to build a community of like-minded individuals in the local area to share advice, swap tips and support each other during testing times. 

This would be especially valuable for first-time single parents who are struggling to get the emotional support they would normally have access to during the pandemic.

39. Warranty Reminder App

Most of the electrical products we buy come with a standard warranty but we tend to forget when they run out and eventually lose the documentation that holds this information.

A warranty reminder app alerts users when the warranty on the products they own are about to expire so that the user can take any relevant action before it’s too late.

40. Note Scanner App

A note scanner app allows users to store the content of their physical, hand-written notes digitally. Instead of just snapping a picture of the sheet of notes, an app like this ‘reads’ the text and any diagrams then stores the content safely for future reference.

41. Band Member Search App

Bands who are looking for new members can use this app to post their available positions for interested musicians to view and get involved with.

Think of it as a job board app, but for bands.

42. Business Forum App

A business forum app gives users access to a niche, forum-like community full of entrepreneurs where they can discuss innovative business strategies and techniques for success.

43. Connection Speed Checker App

A connection speed checker app helps users monitor their internet speed and the amount of data they’re using.

44. Subscription Reminder App

We’re all paying for multiple different subscriptions these days, such as Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime to name just a few.

A subscription reminder app will make it easier for users to keep track of what they’re paying for, how much it costs and when the funds will be leaving their account.

The app could even feature a reminder for users to cancel any free trials they’re signed up for before they’re charged the full price.

45. Landlord-Tenant Communication App

Think of this as a property search app with a difference, connecting tenants with their potential future landlords.

Once matched, tenants can also use the app to raise complaints, make maintenance requests and make rent payments.

46. Restaurant Food Donation App

Leftover food from restaurants that cannot be served to customers should be donated wherever possible. A restaurant food donation app facilitates this, allowing restaurant staff to communicate with local charities and food banks so that the surplus food does not go to waste.

47. Task Productivity and Motivation App

A task productivity and motivation app not only allows users to set daily tasks for themselves and monitor their overall progress but also motivates them to complete all of the tasks they’ve set out for themselves.

48. Period and Birth Control Tracking App

A period and birth control tracking app helps users keep track of their cycles, monitor their physical and mental state throughout and set reminders to take their birth control.

49. Home Security Control App

A home security control app integrates with users’ connected home security systems for efficient monitoring of their premises when they’re away from it.

50. Pregnancy Support App

A pregnancy support app could act as a forum-like community for pregnant people to share relevant tips and seek advice from professionally trained pregnancy experts.

There’s also potential for an app like this to integrate with leading shopping retailers, offering users exclusive offers, discounts and products to buy.

51. Tutor Matching App

A tutor matching app connects students with tutors, allowing them to sort by experience, specialist subjects, location and more. It would make it much easier for students and tutors to find each other and allow tutors to reach a higher number of potential clients.

Students could even post reviews on the different tutors they’ve been taught by for future students to read through.

52. Housekeeper Search App

A housekeeper search app allows users to search for and find housekeepers that can perform the services they need, such as cooking, cleaning, dog walking, etc. 

An app like this would also ensure that more housekeepers can be paid fair wages, equal to the market value of their offerings.

53. Supermarket Price Comparison App

A supermarket price comparison app appeals to savvy shoppers and budget-restricted households by ensuring that they’re never paying more than they need to for their groceries.

Users could input their weekly shopping list for the app to automatically alert them to which supermarket they can get each product the cheapest and where the best place for them to shop would be.

54. Terms and Conditions Simplifying App

How many of us accept pages and pages of terms and conditions for apps, software and various online shops without even reading them? Even if we did read them, how many of us would understand the full extent of what we’re agreeing to?

A terms and conditions simplifying app lets users input the full terms and conditions they’re being asked to and translate it into more simplified language so they can better understand what it is they’d be agreeing to.

55. Complaint Registration App

For government bodies, a complaint registration app can drastically improve the monitoring and management of public complaints. 

People could report issues such as noise pollution, infrastructure damage, fly-tipping and more to contribute to the improvement of their local areas.

56. Referral App

A referral app allows companies to utilise word of mouth marketing to both find and gain business. Referral apps can also reward users for assisting in the referral process.

57. School Notice App for Parents

Rather than sending letters home to parents or pushing communications through emails, a more efficient way for schools to communicate with parents would be via a dedicated school notice app.

Information such as school trips, teacher training days, attendance and grades could be uploaded directly to the app – keeping important information central and easily accessible.

58. Tourism App

A tourism app helps users to navigate frequently visited locations by matching them with locals who can guide them to the hidden gems and lesser-known spots that they wouldn’t otherwise know about.

59. Disaster Preparedness App

Although disasters, unfortunately, cannot be avoided, we can attempt to limit the damage they do to people’s lives, homes and businesses.

A disaster preparedness app could alert users of disasters that are predicted to affect their area and suggest actions such as evacuation and signpost those affected to resources.

Using device locations, the app could also help emergency responders to locate users who may have become stranded or trapped as a result of the disaster – helping to save lives.

60. Vehicle Fuel Delivery App

A vehicle fuel delivery app saves users the trouble of having to leave their homes to refuel their cars, motorbikes or other vehicles.

Using their location, the app could connect users to fuel providers who can refuel their vehicles safely. This would be especially useful in emergencies or if a driver has become stranded after running out of fuel.

61. Home Car Wash App

A home car wash app allows users to connect with local car wash businesses to order and pay for a car wash at their exact location.

62. Criminal Alert App

A criminal alert app allows users to stay aware of any wanted criminals located nearby and inform the police of any sightings.

63. Map App

Map apps show users the best route to their chosen destination. In this case, best could mean quickest, least expensive, least congested or less explored by other users.

64. Automated Gift Delivery App

An automated gift and flower delivery app allows users to schedule deliveries for their loved ones’ birthdays in bulk so that no upcoming occasions are missed or forgotten.

65. Silent Mode App

A silent mode app could automatically switch a users’ phone to silent mode when they reach certain locations, such as the cinema or the office. This is useful for users who might forget to put their phone on silent mode manually.

66. Finance and Payment Management App

A finance and payment management app helps users to organise and manage their funds by notifying users of payment due dates, equally splitting household expenses between roommates and sending alerts to them and much more.

67. Social Media App

A social media app is a fairly self-explanatory type of app, allowing users to connect and communicate with others online.

68. Intelligent Dating App

An intelligent dating app that scans users’ social media connections to identify potential matches who have similar interests, opinions and hobbies is an interesting app idea.

69. Receipt Manager App

A receipt manager app could store all of a user’s receipts in one central location to make receipt organisation much more efficient – especially for business people who have to submit expense reports.

70. Taxi Booking App

Online taxi booking websites and apps are always needed by local taxi firms and greatly improve both the drivers’ and customers’ experiences.

71. Custom Restaurant App

A custom restaurant app tends to be designed specifically for a particular restaurant, to allow its customers to browse menus, read reviews, make table bookings and quickly pay bills.

72. Refugee Support App

A refugee support app may help refugees better understand the language and cultural practices present in new locations to help them integrate more easily with their new community.

The app could even feature helpful resources such as common phrases, guides and maps to local amenities like pharmacies or supermarkets.

73. Low-Cost Delivery and Postage App

A low-cost delivery and postage app may help users find the cheapest delivery and postage options available in their local area based on the size, weight, destination and other features of the package.

74. Tax Record App

A tax record app helps users keep track of their income, claimable expenses and tax transactions in one simple location and will automatically calculate the user’s tax liability for the period.

75. Note Taking App

A note-taking app provides a common space for teams, study groups or individuals to take notes, make comments and add to existing documents about a chosen subject or topic.

76. Lunch Companion App

A lunch companion app is designed to match users with people they can eat meals with based on their food preferences, location and daily schedule so that no one has to eat a meal alone and can make friends whilst they dine together.

77. Social Rating App

A social rating app lets users anonymously rate their friends based on characteristics such as smile, humour, nature and others.

78. Construction Hire App

A construction hire app allows users to find construction professionals to carry out work based on the scale of the project, budget and requirements.

Users would post ads for construction firms to reply to.

79. Interest-Based Dating App

An interest-based dating app targets a niche market of people with specific interests such as gaming, sports, comics, etc.

80. Goal Management App

A goal management app helps users set, monitor and achieve different goals, they could even communicate with other users who have similar goals to motivate each other and share advice.

81. Collaborative Presentation App

A collaborative presentation app allows teams to collaboratively contribute ideas to a presentation, sharing ideas in real-time to produce a finished piece of work.

82. Messaging App

A messaging app does what it says on the tin, allowing users to share messages, photos and videos as well as video and phone calls.

83. Book Reviewing App

A book reviewing app allows users to find reliable reviews written by other readers just by snapping a photo of the front cover.

84. Takeaway Delivery App

A takeaway delivery app allows restaurant or takeaway owners to manage customer orders and update them of their delivery progress easily.

85. Find Me My Lost Item Tracker App

Where did you put your phone, wallet and keys? With this app you can record common areas you place your items by taking photos and saving them to a library under each item.

This app might also include questions to ask yourself while finding this to help you retrace your steps. It could also integrate with the latest wearable technology that is now available to clip onto items.

86. Distraction Blocking App

A distraction blocking app allows users to work or concentrate on a task in peace by blocking all notifications and features except for the ones that directly relate to the task the user is trying to complete.

87. Electronic Health Record App

An electronic health record app provides a central area for users to store and access their health records, hospital visits, medical test results, sickness history and more.

The app could even facilitate GP appointment bookings and send reminders to users when their appointment is approaching.

88. Goal Sharing App

A goal sharing app is designed specifically for users to share their goals with others who are trying to achieve the same things to seek and provide additional support.

89. Social Profile Scanner App

A social profile scanner app could utilise augmented reality to scan a person’s face then present the user with the information available about this person on the internet.

90. Personal Shopper App

A personal shopper app will help users keep up to date with the latest offers and new releases as well as where users can purchase the item nearby to their location.

91. Phone Addiction Prevention App

A phone addiction prevention app could involve notifications, alerts, suggestions and resources to help people battle or prevent smartphone addictions.

92. Photo Caller ID App

A photo caller ID app could locate an image of the caller using information available online to show users precisely who is calling them.

93. Brand Finder App

A brand finder app allows users to access information about a specific brand just by scanning a clothes tag or logo.

94. Selfie Comparison Game App

A selfie comparison app lets users upload their selfies to compete against their friends, aiming to discover new editing functions and improve their overall quality.

95. Suicide Prevention App

A suicide prevention app provides professionally approved mental health support to those who are in crisis.

96. Shopping Social Network App

A shopping social network app is like any other social networking app but is targeted directly at audiences who have a particular interest in shopping.

Users could connect and discuss products, reviews and different retailers in a community-like setting.

97. All-in-One Service Hire App

An all-in-one service hire app helps users hire professionals to carry out relevant tasks, ranging from plumbing, repairs and maintenance to tutoring, music lessons and more.

98. Story Writing and Sharing App

A story writing and sharing app aimed at creative writers and audiences interested in reading. Users would be able to write and share their stories with others and receive feedback on their work.

99. Party Planning and Invite App

A party planning and invite app simplifies the process of organising events and sharing invitations with guests from your contacts.

100. Fashion Suggestion App

A fashion suggestion app provides users with suggestions for new garments to buy based on their preferences, interests, occasion and size.

Not only this but the app allows users to share images of their outfits to get others opinions on their style and find local tailors in their area.

101. Meet Up Social Media App

A meet up social media app is designed specifically for users to find, advertise and plan events with people within their network. It would also suggest events for the user to attend based on their interests and hobbies.

102. Startup Forum App

A startup forum app could act as a community for startup owners and entrepreneurs to seek and offer advice relating to all aspects of business for startups – such as finding investment, attracting clients, marketing and more.

103. Ad Hoc Jobs Board App

An ad hoc jobs board app allows users to post and apply for small, short-term paid jobs within their local area. Valid jobs could include simple computer repairs, small home maintenance jobs, lawn mowing, dog walking and more.

104. Virtual Hair Colour App

A virtual hair colour app allows users to see how different hair colours would look on them so they can make better decisions before heading to the hairdressers.

105. Review Reward App

A review reward app rewards users with cash, vouchers or retailer discounts in exchange for reviewing other apps.

106. Team Member Finder App

A team member finder app allows project teams to find professionals that are the missing piece to their perfect ensemble, such as writers, designers, developers, etc.

107. Consumer Guidance App

A consumer guidance app directs users to the cheapest or best quality products on the market within different categories.

108. Public Transport App

For frequent users of public transport, this app could be very useful. It would allow them to view all of the relevant scheduling, routes and information regarding their local public transport network.

109. Restaurant and Bar Finder App

A restaurant and bar finder app allows users to locate restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars and other venues that are currently open within their local area – excluding those that are closed at the time.

110. Device Camera Access App

A device camera access app lets users use or view another person’s device camera with their permission.

This would likely come in handy when you want to see how a picture someone else is taking will come out.

111. Randomised Virtual Chat App

A randomised virtual chat app randomly matches users to send anonymous messages to each other.

112. Song Finder App

A song finder app helps users who have a song stuck in their head that they can’t remember the name of. Using any lyrics or tone provided by the user, the app searches online records to find the nearest matches and offers a link for the user to download the full song.

113. On-Demand Beauty Therapist Hire App

An on-demand beauty therapist hiring app facilitates the search and hire of local beauty therapists within the user’s community. The app could feature search options based on price, service, reviews and more.

114. Item Swapping App

An item swapping app allows users to post items within their home that they no longer use and find people who are willing to swap them for new items.

115. Custom Alarm App

A custom alarm app allows users to customise the sounds they hear for their alarm in the morning, this could include personalised messages or daily news updates.

116. Bucket List App

A bucket list app lets users to input their lifelong goals and create customised plans based on research for the best strategy to achieve these goals.

117. Fresh Food Checker App

A fresh food checker app utilises users’ device cameras to scan images of their food and determine whether the food is still safe to eat or whether it should be discarded.

118. Video Streaming App

Video streaming apps allow users to host live or prerecorded videos of themselves for their friends, fans or other interested parties.

119. Toilet Locator App

A toilet locator app shows users the closest public toilet to their current location.

120. Card Gaming App

A card game app gives users the ability to virtually play every card game in existence, either alone, or with multiple players – friends or strangers.

121. Interest Matching App

An interest matching app lets users input their individual interests or hobbies to then be matched with other users in the area who have identical interests. The app could even go a step further towards matching those with similar dislikes together.

122. Act of Kindness App

An act of kindness app encourages users to participate in daily acts of kindness, whether that be making a donation to a good cause, suggesting ways to help people or encouraging politeness.

123. Authenticity Detection App

Utilising user device cameras, an authenticity detection app lets users scan their products and be informed of whether their product is authentic or fake. This would be useful for designer clothes and accessory enthusiasts.

124. Special Offer Alert App

A special offer alert app notifies users of any deals or special offers at restaurants, shops, bars and other venues in their vicinity.

125. Independence Encouragement App

An independence encouragement app could support users and motivate them to complete more tasks by themselves for their own physical, mental and financial improvement.

126. Life Assistance App

A life assistance app provides support for users to help them complete everyday tasks such as cooking, fixing a flat tyre, completing small home maintenance activities and more.

127. Giveaway App

A giveaway app allows users to list items they own but would like to get rid of so that others who would get some use out of these items can arrange to collect them for free.

128. Health Chat App

A health chat app matches people with health conditions with those who are experiencing the same issues to communicate via instant messaging or video calls.

129. Location Reminder App

A location reminder app stores all of the places a person visits on a trip away so that they can offer accurate recommendations to others when they are planning a trip to the same place.

130. Bulk Shopping App

A bulk shopping app allows users to input the items they’re looking to buy and match them with other users who want to buy the same things, allowing them to take advantage of bulk discounts and other benefits such as free delivery.

131. Diet Filtering Restaurant Finder

A diet filtering restaurant finder would let users search for different restaurants within the area, filtering them by any dietary requirements they may have such as gluten-free, vegan, etc.

132. All-in-One Launcher App

A launcher, also known as a home-screen replacement, is an app that modifies the software design and features of your phone’s OS (operating system) without making permanent changes. Launchers can also act as personal assistants.

Current launchers fall into either a design or “smart” / adaptable category. With an all-in-one launcher app – it would consist of features of existing launchers with additional features such as app drawers, voice commands, customisation including custom gestures and more.

133. International Shopping Community App

An international shopping community app lets users to connect with a worldwide community of like-minded shoppers. Users could gain access to exclusive products that are only available in certain parts of the world by posting their requirements and arranging for someone located there to buy the item and ship it directly to them.

134. Freelancing App

A freelancing app allows self-employed people and freelancers to conduct skills assessments on themselves then find potential jobs or projects.

135. AI-Powered Investment App

An AI-powered investment app makes automatic investment decisions on behalf of a user based on current market conditions and data.

136. Virtual CV App

A virtual CV app lets users create and store their CVs and resumes to enable simplified sharing with potential employers and assist the job-seeking process.

137. Tour Guide Booking App

A tour guide booking app helps tourists find and hire experienced tour guides when travelling to new locations. Users can also leave and read reviews on each tour guide’s performance.

138. Safety Alert App

A safety alert app is especially useful for vulnerable people like young women and children who are placed in uncomfortable situations. The app will alert other users in the area that there is someone in distress so that they can go and help them.

139. Mobile Application Editor App

A mobile application editor app lets developers edit their app projects whilst on the go – without needing any computers.

140. Peer-to-Peer Car Rental App

A peer-to-peer car rental app allows users to rent their vehicles out to people who need to use them for short periods. Think of it as Airbnb but for cars.

141. Peer-to-Peer Self Storage App

A peer-to-peer self-storage app helps users to find people within their local area who have spare storage space in their homes that they can contact and arrange to store their items with.

142. Paycheck Advance App

A paycheck advance app lets users access the money they’ve earned from work up to a week before their official payday- useful for people who may have been caught off guard by unexpected bills.

143. Maintenance Professional Hire App

A maintenance professional hire app helps users to search for and hire maintenance professionals to carry out ad hoc repairs and DIY tasks at their home or workplace.

Maintenance personnel could be sorted by users depending on experience, service offering, location, price and reviews.

144. AI-Powered Image Translation App

An AI-powered image translation app utilises the user’s device cameras to scan text before translating it into the user’s preferred language. This would be highly beneficial for understanding signs and directions when travelling abroad.

145. On-Demand Doctor’s Appointment App

An on-demand doctor’s appointment app helps users to find doctor’s with available appointments to meet with at an offsite location for a medical consultation.

146. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) App

A manufacturing execution system app supports manufacturing workers with efficient task management, time tracking, employee management and quality control. It would compile and display necessary real-time factory floor data to create synchronicity across the factory.

147. Custom Cake Order App

A custom cake order app allows users to browse local bakers who take custom orders, submit requests and pay for customised baked goods for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

148. Decoration Rental App

A decoration rental app saves users from buying special occasion decorations that are only going to be used once or twice before they are discarded or stored away. An app like this would let users rent, buy and sell decorations, filtering listings by occasion, colour, price etc.

The app could even have the functionality to allow users to search for and hire professional decorators or event management professionals.

149. Audio Based Social Networking App (like Clubhouse)

An audio-based social networking app is a creative alternative to the text-based social networking apps that we’ve seen become popular over the years, allowing users to create live forums to communicate with each other verbally. As well as this, the rise in popularity of podcasts and audiobooks in recent years means that audio content is more popular than ever.

150. Dog Walker Hire App

A dog walker hire app helps users find and hire local dog walkers to help them take care of their pets when they don’t have time to do it themselves.

151. Warehouse Management System App (WMS)

A WMS app is designed to support entrepreneurs and warehouse personnel in managing everyday activities such as product storage, picking and packing, stock replenishment and more.

152. Hotel Booking App

A hotel booking app lets hotel guests browse through a range of hotels in the area they are looking to stay in and facilitate in-app booking.

153. On-Demand Snow Removal Service App

An on-demand snow removal service app allows residents and business owners to hire people to clear the snow from outside of their driveways, lawns, curbs and pathways to make travelling safer in adverse weather conditions.

154. Lawn Mowing Service App

A lawn mowing service app lets customers hire landscaping or gardening professionals to carry out lawn mowing services at their chosen location.

155. Vehicle Mechanic Hire App

A vehicle mechanic hiring app saves customers from having to carry out repairs themselves or take their car into a dealership or garage. Users could book local mechanics to travel to their location and carry out repairs to their vehicles.

156. Beauty Salon App

A beauty salon app allows both customers and salon owners to streamline the booking process, with customers being able to view available slots, book treatments, make payments and leave reviews.

157. New Parent Shopping App

A new parent shopping app offers new parents support during the early stages of parenthood, allowing them to order essential products such as baby food, formula, nappies, creams and medication via the app.

158. Amenity Locator App

An amenity locator app uses GPS to direct users to their nearest desired amenity, whether that be a public bathroom, petrol station or anything else.

159. Pet Matching App

A pet matching app is like a dating app for user’s pets. Users can create profiles, and browse through other pet’s profiles to find a good match for their pet to safely and healthily mate with.

160. Seasonal Produce App

A seasonal produce app is targeted at health-conscious audiences who have a preference for farm-fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables.

An app like this would direct them to locations that they can source seasonal produce from as well as providing information about the current season’s fruits and vegetables, their health benefits and more.

161. Artist Hire App

An artist hire app allows users to hire artists like face painters, balloon artists, comedians and more for their special occasions. Users could browse through local artists, view prices, make payments and leave reviews all in one place.

162. Internet Community App

An internet community app lets users to build and manage their own virtual interest-specific communities to discuss their favourite topics in.

163. Remote Job Search App

A remote job search app helps users to search for remote job opportunities. Employers can post jobs that do not require employees to be physically present and can be completed virtually for candidates to browse and apply for.

164. Influencer Marketing Search App

An influencer marketing search app connects brands with influencers who can support their marketing and advertising efforts. Influencers could create profiles with details such as their preferred content style, interests, rates and size of following for brands to search through and contact any influencers that fit in with their strategies.

165. Stress Management App

A stress management app serves as a meditation and relaxation facilitator for stressed-out users to protect and revive their mental space.

166. Location Monitoring App

A location monitoring app helps users to keep track of other whereabouts and share their own location with trusted friends and family members. This would provide peace of mind for friends and family of vulnerable people such as children.

167. AR/VR Tourism App

An AR/VR tourism app lets users view and locate the best places to visit when travelling as well as offering virtual tours so users can decide whether they want to visit that attraction before they get there.

168. All-in-One Social Media App

An all-in-one social media app could allow users to view the best content from each of the major social media platforms in one simple feed. This would allow users to scroll uninterrupted without having to switch between social networking apps.

169. Song Sharing App

A song sharing app could not only allow users to stream and download music but also share what the user is listening to with their contact list so others who like the same song can listen at the same time.

170. Ultrasound App

An ultrasound app could allow users to visualise who they are on the phone with by emitting an ultrasound through the phone’s speaker.

171. Alien Information App

An alien information app provides users with an ultimate database of knowledge about extraterrestrial life forms.

172. Emotion Detection App

An emotion detection app could analyse the content of anyone’s social media updates to accurately determine what the poster was feeling at the time they wrote each update.

173. Launcher App

A launcher app combines all the major features of potential launcher apps such as voice commands, customisable home screen and app drawers.

174. Deleted File Retriever App

A deleted file retriever app lets users view a list of actions they’ve taken on their phone during a set period and undo or reverse them.

175. Virtual Coaching App

A virtual coaching app could let users learn from qualified coaches online at a lower cost, compared to the equivalent in person.

176. Monthly Box Subscription App

A monthly box subscription app allows users to view, select and manage their subscription box details.

177. Device Repair App

A device repair app helps users to source and order the tools needed to carry out routine repairs on their phones, tablets and other devices, complete with detailed instructions to complete the task.

178. Rain Alert App

A rain alert app alerts users when the weather forecast predicts rain so they can prepare and bring an umbrella with them when they leave the house.

179. AI Calendar Scheduler

An artificial intelligence calendar scheduler would analyse a user’s emails and other communications with colleagues to make smart suggestions on meeting times, dates and locations.

180. Locations to Avoid on Holiday App

A locations to avoid on holiday app shows users a list of places within the area they’re planning to visit that other users have suggested others avoid. The reasons for listing a place to avoid could vary from high crime rates to inadequate food hygiene ratings and discrimination.

181. Negative Though Prevention App

A negative thought prevention app lets users input each time they have a negative thought about themselves, their future or others around them. The app could then automatically withdraw £1 or the equivalent directly from the user’s account, perhaps to go towards a charity of their choice.

182. Emotion Status Update App

An emotion status update app analyses a user’s social media connections’ emotional state from their social media updates so that users can check up on their friends who are sad.

183. Song Suggestion App

A song suggestion app lets you listen to playlists or songs tailored to their mood at the time.

184. Uber for Moving Vans App

An uber for moving vans app helps users to find moving vans within the local area who can help them move house on demand.

185. Occasion Reminder App

An occasion reminder app lets users input the important dates they need to remember such as birthdays and anniversaries so that the app can remind them not only to send well wishes but also send a card or gift on the user’s behalf.

186. Budget Monitoring App

A budget monitoring app helps users to keep within their weekly or monthly budgets, linking to the user’s bank account to provide advice and alerts when the user is close to exceeding their specified budget.

187. Police Alert App

A police alert app attempts to keep users safer by allowing them to send real-time alerts to the nearest police officers or patrol cars when they observe suspicious behaviour.

188. Smart Home Automation App

A smart home automation app allows users to control various connected devices within their home.

189. Colour Blind Support App

A colour-blind support app helps users who are colour blind to discreetly identify the colour of objects around them using their device’s camera.

190. Insect Identification App

An insect identification app helps users identify different bugs using their device cameras and offer information about the bug, such as whether it is endangered, poisonous or harmful to plants or pets.

191. Bedtime Countdown App

A bedtime countdown app tells parents and children that their bedtime is approaching and will continuously send alerts to the parent until they register that the child is asleep.

192. Natural Sound App

A natural sound app gives users access to a bank of natural sounds such as rain or forest atmospheres to help calm users’ moods and stop babies from crying.

193. AR Product Testing App

An AR product testing app allows users to try on clothes virtually before they make any actual purchases.

194. Digital Time Capsule App

A digital time capsule app allows users to store photos and videos digitally in a format that can’t be viewed again until the specified date is reached. Users could also set a date for the files to be permanently destroyed.

195. Carbon Footprint Calculator

A carbon footprint calculator would allow users to identify, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint with helpful tips and advice to minimise their damage to the environment.

196. AR Jewelry Try-On

An AR jewellery try-on app allows users to see how various items of jewellery would look on them before they buy, from earrings to anklets. 

197. Adult Care App

An adult care app offers elderly people additional support, care and attention. Features for an app like this could include medication and utility bill reminders, food delivery order facilities and daily activity planning.

198. Interactive Contact List App

An interactive contact list app acts as a central location for every way a person’s connections could be contacted, bringing together their phone number, email addresses and social media profiles.

199. Product Request App

A product request app allows users to create wish lists of items they would like to purchase that sellers can view and contact them with offers of products that match the poster’s requests.

200. Board Game Community Match App

A board game community match app helps owners of board games to match with groups of people who are interested in playing with them.

201. Time to Money Calculator App

A time to money calculator app helps users to figure out how many hours they would have to work to afford a certain product or service based on their hourly pay rate. The app could also feature customisable features such as changeable currencies and tax codes.

202. Dash Cam App

A dashcam app utilises users’ device cameras, GPS and memory to transform the device into a functional dashcam. Additional features could include cloud storage services, voice control or Google Assistant integration.

203. Digital Landscaping App

A digital landscaping app uses AR to allow users to visualise how certain changes would look within their garden space.

204. Checklist Database App

A checklist database app serves as a central point for users to access checklists to support them through certain tasks. Users can create and share their own checklist as well as browse through checklists created by others.

205. Contextual Language Learning App

A contextual language learning app helps users to pick up foreign languages by entering specific words into the app, which would then present lists of text, audio and video materials in which that word is used.

206. School Supply Swap App

A school supply swap app helps students to sell or give away any supplies that they no longer need. Products listed could include books, uniforms or other equipment.

207. Natural Medicine App

A natural medicine app acts as a central repository for all of the known home remedies, categorised by various symptoms and illnesses.

208. Book Share App

A book share app lets users list all of the books they own and are happy to share with other users. They could arrange to meet, swap books and discuss their literary opinions.

209. Idea Investment App

An idea investment app gives users the opportunity to share their startup ideas and gain greater visibility in the eyes of potential investors. Functions could include the ability to classify and sort different ideas based on industry, level of funding required and more.

210. Energy Usage App

An energy usage app syncs to a user’s conventional energy supply to display usage data and statistics.

211. Carbon Footprint Visualiser App

A carbon footprint visualiser app uses AR to show users the scale of the carbon footprint certain actions leave behind to make them more conscious of the impact their activities have on the environment.

212. Pet Health App

A pet health app helps users track and improve the fitness of their pets. The app could suggest exercises, display fitness metrics, show products available to purchase and issue reminders to buy food etc.

213. Calculator App

A calculator app is an essential tool for every smartphone user, providing a digital calculator for users to perform calculations.

214. Countdown Timer App

A countdown timer app lets users set times and view the time remaining.

215. Currency Conversion App

A currency conversion app helps users convert currency based on up-to-date conversion rates.

216. Quiz App

A quiz app allows users to create and share quizzes as well as browse quizzes created by other users to test their knowledge on certain subjects.

217. Random Number Generator

A random number generator would show users a random number within the set range.

218. Vigenere Cypher App

A Vigenere Cypher App lets users encrypt text with the Vigenere Cypher.

219. Wind Chill App

A wind chill app calculates and displays the wind chill factor from current weather data.

220. Word Frequency Calculator App

A word frequency calculator app shows users how many times a certain word or phrase has been repeated within a block of text.

221. Book Search App

A book search app helps users find the book they are looking for based on specified search criteria.

222. Memory Game App

A memory game app asks users to memorise and then match images after they have been hidden.

223. Charity Donation App

A charity donation app lets users sort through lists to find global charities to donate to.

224. Chrome Extension Builder App

A Chrome extension builder app supports users in building their own Chrome theme extensions.

225. Drawing App

A drawing app lets users create digital art from their smartphones.

226. Emoji Translation App

An emoji translation app translates users’ text into emojis.

227. Flashcard App

A flashcard app allows users to test their knowledge of certain topics by creating custom flashcards.

228. Image Animation App

An image animation app allows users to easily animate a set of images.

229. Game Suggestion App

A game suggestion app lets users create polls to decide what game they should play.

230. GitHub Profile Search App

A GitHub profile search app lets users search through GitHub profiles.

231. Carnival Game App

A carnival game app lets users play classic carnival games such as the high striker strongman carnival game.

232. Markdown Previewer App

A markdown previewer app lets users preview text formatted in GitHub flavoured markdown.

233. Markdown Table Generator App

A markdown table generator app converts tables into Markdown-formatted text.

234. Random Name Generator

A random name generator would show users a random name from a pre-specified data set.

235. Meme Creator App

A meme creator app lets users create their own memes.

236. Password Generator App

A password generator app generates random passwords for users to use for various accounts and platforms.

237. Podcast Repository App

A podcast repository app allows users to create a directory of their favourite podcasts.

238. QR Code Generator App

A QR code generator app lets users encode their own QR codes.

239. Poll Game

A poll game would be a fun game for users, asking them to choose between two options.

240. Time Zone App

A time zone app displays different time zones to users and allows them to view what different time zones their team members are in.

241. Typing Practice App

A typing practice app gives users the opportunity to practice and improve their typing skills.

242. Voting App

A voting app lets users submit votes from multiple options.

243. Charity Donation Tracker App

A charity donation tracker app tracks how much the user has donated to charity and which causes they have contributed to.

244. Restaurant Simulation Game App

A restaurant simulation game app lets users play as the manager of a fast food restaurant.

245. Film Rating App

A film rating app helps users to find films, read reviews, view the cast and see suggestions for the next movie they should watch.

246. Spelling App

A spelling app helps users improve their spelling skills by challenging them to spell words presented to them audibly.

247. Survey App

A survey app allows users to create and conduct surveys as well as view the results.

248. Conversation Prompt App

A conversation prompt app gives users suggestions on how to interact with people based on their relationship, situation and desired topic.

249. Flower Identification App

A flower identification app uses device cameras to scan and identify different plants and flowers.

250. Battery Optimiser App

A battery optimiser app tracks a user’s device battery usage and offers smart suggestions for how they can make their battery life last longer.

251. Business System Dashboard App

A business system dashboard app is a central location for business owners to view data from all necessary business systems.

252. Content Recommendation App

A content recommendation app suggests content to users based on their interests, likes and dislikes.

Are you interested in developing one of these apps?

Our comprehensive list of simple app ideas should provide you with enough inspiration to get started with creating an app for your next project.

May 06, 2021
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