Transforming a Leading Audio Streaming App

Coderus worked to enhance the features of leading smart audio technology company, Frontier Silicon’s local media playback app.

Client: Frontier Silicon
Industry: Audio | Media & Entertainment

At a Glance

  • The new local media playback function enables users to play their own music in conjunction with streaming.
  • Coderus was required to deliver end-to-end design.
  • Our professional delivery enabled the client team to hit milestones and enhance functionality.
  • The technology is supported by iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
Frontier chose Coderus to provide the mobile optimised streaming technology to our UNDOK app and ecosystem based on their proven track record in mobile applications development. Throughout the development and review, Coderus has gone to great lengths to ensure the whole end-to-end design performed to an exceptionally high standard, a requirement that we need in order to maintain robustness in wireless smart audio products.
Prem Rajalingham
Commercial Officer Frontier Silicon

The Challenge

Frontier Silicon is a leader in the field of smart audio technologies for digital radios. Founded in 2001, Frontier Silicon has offices around the globe with customers that include Sony, Philips, Pure, Panasonic, Roberts, Grundig, Bose, Bang & Olufsen, and several major retailer own-brands.

Frontier Silicon’s in-house team had already developed a streaming app, UNDOK. Supported by at least 50 audio manufacturers, the app is a music streaming remote control for radios, speakers and soundbars. Allowing users to navigate between audio modes, browse content and select presets across single devices and multi-room groups, UNDOK delivers a highly flexible and intuitive experience for connected audio.

To further enhance its features and capabilities, Frontier Silicon asked Coderus to deliver a ‘Local Media Playback’ (LMP) function. This would enable users to play and manage music from multiple stations, from a device of their choice, wirelessly transmitting to a Frontier Silicon-compatible home network audio device.

frontier silicon local media playback audio streaming app case study hero

The Methodology

Our methodology was to build and develop an application that would provide Frontier Silicon users with the ability to stream from their phone or tablet-based personal files from a compatible home network.

Rising above all the challenges presented to us, our team successfully transformed an audio streaming experience, enhanced functionality and delivered end-to-end design features to provide an exceptional user experience.

We presented a solution that would offer a smooth transition between audio tracks and offer wide support across different devices. To meet user expectations, it would deliver an optimal experience across iOS and Android platforms.

Initially, we focused on integration, working with Frontier Silicon’s proprietary libraries, its Venice 6.5 platform and other UPnmP AV devices. We have significant experience with working with existing partner ecosystems, and as a Design Partner for the likes of Cypress and Qualcomm, we were able to utilise our experience of process design to proceed with confidence.

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The Tech_

  • We created the Local Media Playback (LMP) Library, which is a platform specific implementation of the UPnP AV standard, allowing the mobile apps to stream audio to the speakers for playback over the network.
  • We integrated the LMP library into the clients existing native iOS and Android applications.
  • The technology is compatible with a wide range of devices and Frontier Silicon provides a platform, which a number of companies use in their own products.
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frontier silicon local media playback audio streaming app case study small right
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The Results

Once completed and fully functional, Frontier Silicon confirmed that the delivered solution met all the expectations for ease of use and responsiveness, with the following benefits:

  • Compatibility across a wide range of devices: The developed Library adheres to the strict UPnP AV standard.

  • Compact coding: Changes made within the app were low impact to ensure the music was streamed as efficiently as possible, improving the user experience.

  • Internal reassurance: The QA teams testified to the quality of the delivered solution.

  • Sustainable: Future updates are easily managed by the provision of an independent library.

  • Support for the continuous improvement: We did this through the provision of comprehensive documentation.

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