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Revolutionising the America’s Cup boat development process with Chimera.

A game-changing new software piece that greatly improves the speed and accuracy with which innovation and design creativity can be handled in the boat design development process.
Client: INEOS Team UK
Industry: Marine
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At a Glance

  • Bringing existing tools together for seamless interoperability
  • Software crafted to configure and solve complex models efficiently
  • Delivered to Windows desktop
  • Agile methodology continuously delivered over six months

The Challenge

INEOS TEAM UK, British Challengers for the 36th America’s Cup needed to think outside of the box, Specifically, the new rules have banned testing in wind tunnels and towing tanks. They have also banned teams from sailing more than one boat at a time. In doing so they have banned all the normal ‘real’, as opposed to virtual, methods of development. The previous gold standard of development, two-boat testing, is no longer possible.

Coderus’ software engineers and experience in all stages of development enabled us to bring Chimera to life and develop a real game-changing piece of software as we develop and design the fastest boat possible for the 36th America’s Cup.
Nick Holroyd
INEOS TEAM UK Chief Designer
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The Chimera challenge is a great example of how Coderus is a leading Design Services provider and how our developed software solutions have helped to improve efficiencies and capabilities and allow the INEOS TEAM UK to be able to push their boundaries even more

The Tech_

  • Configure boat parameters and forces through a PyQt application
  • Visualize designs and state through Open Cascade 3D models
  • Create velocity prediction program solution algorithms
  • Solve boat and force configurations for performance using C++ and Python multiprocessing
  • Synchronise spererate applications using Java and Python implementations of ZMQ Inter-process communications
  • Explore and compare solutions using JavaFX based UI

The Story

INEOS TEAM UK had to shift the emphasis of testing to the virtual environment. The first step was to ensure sufficient compute resource to get more accurate solutions faster at every stage of the process, but it was also crucial to streamline the workflow by which ideas travel from the initial inspiration to each new test.

Historically, the hindrances of a virtual design workflow is that each step requires the idea to be represented in a different digital format. The VPP, for example, needs something different to the CFD. The Chimera software removes these frustrations and inherent hold-ups and allows the team to seamlessly take an idea from the designer’s initial sketch right through to a final CFD run.

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The Results

Coderus – a Cypress Design Partner, Microchip’s App Developer Specialist and an Authorised Design Centre for Qualcomm – brought their expertise in application development and high-quality user interfaces to the team to develop the UI for Chimera. This is software that now sits at the very heart of the team’s creative design process.

Coderus, having been a team partner for the previous challenge for the 35th America’s Cup, quickly understood the needs of the team’s competitive environment and, working with Nick Holroyd and INEOS TEAM UK, created a unique and innovative software that has significantly improved the design team’s workflow and increased the throughput of ideas in both speed and accuracy.

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