Coderus Assists in Bowers & Wilkins’ New Media Range

October 22, 2012

Following their appointment as sole suppliers earlier in the year, Coderus have become an integral part of Bowers & Wilkins business, supporting desktop and mobile applications on the launch of their A5 and A7 ‘New Media’ products.

Thanks to the company’s agile nature, Coderus technology has quickly been adapted and integrated into Bowers & Wilkins’ new development plans, which required a great deal of effort to accommodate their new roadmaps.

To support the extra work required, Chris Hardcastle has joined the Coderus team as Project and Business Manager. Chris and Mark have a history together, having collaborated on projects during their careers at BT and are now reunited in this exciting venture. Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, having previously worked on projects to deliver consumer communications devices. He has both a technical background in hardware and leadership experience from project manager roles within BT.

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