From Idea to MVP: Getting Ready to Build Your Mobile Application

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So you have just finished putting together a plan to build and develop a new mobile app, what next?

Growth forecasts and statistics for the Global App Economy suggest that the mobile app market is set for a massive 385% growth rate through 2021.

Mobile app development is a very demanding process and involves putting together an integrated team of professional Software Developers, UI and UX Designers, and QA Engineers who can execute your plans.

Here are some guidelines to help you find the right service provider and increase your chances of creating a successful app that provides results, according to your needs.

Why do you need to hire a mobile app development company?

Whether it is a fitness application, for your smartwatch, shopping app for your android phone or tablet, or entertainment app for your iPhone, a mobile app development company can help you decide on the right application for your product.

Think about your target audience and reasons for wanting to develop a mobile application. Is it to increase engagement with customers? Or increase your overall revenue by providing your customers with easier access to your products and services?

Mobile App Companies do not just offer mobile application development services, they are also equipped with a professional team of marketing experts, designers and project leaders who will help manage the delivery of certifications, manage customer support enquiries, provide you with grand and funding opportunities and assist you in the development of end to end solutions.

Key Steps in Building a Mobile Application

Conduct Effective Market Research

The first most important step to take once you have made the decision to develop a mobile app is to conduct effective market research. You can do this by creating a document that lists your competitors and identifies what you like or dislike about their brand as the bare minimum.

Hire a mobile app development company that provides a professional digital marketing service, including consulting you on your digital marketing insights and advising you on ways to increase consumer engagement long term once your app has been launched.

Another factor to look out for is how the mobile app company values customer service. Are they friendly, approachable and do they have a willingness to go the extra mile?

Make sure you are confident in your choice of mobile app development company, before reaching a decision about hiring them. They must be invested in your project proposal and strategy, and be available to provide on-going support throughout the app-making process.

Determine What Device You Are Building the App For 

Next, you will need to decide what platform you want to develop your mobile app on. This will determine whether you need to target developers experienced in ios development, or in android app development or both. 

Mobile Apps have different requirements depending on what platform is used. Check out how your chosen device can measure and drive results. An app can be installed on a smartphone, tablet and all wearable devices, like smart watches. 

If you are low on budget for example and your business doesn’t usually target iOS users, then it may be more beneficial for you to have an app developed on android.

Decide on a List of Features 

Write a list of features that you want to include in your app so that when it comes to pitching your idea, the developers will have a sense of what they can offer you. 

How your users interact with your app will be based on the accessibility and usability features such as fast loading screens, good image resolution, security settings, push notification settings and colour schemes. 

Responsive mobile app design is becoming essential and most mobile app developers are having to consider the range of screen sizes between small, compact phones and larger tablets. 

Developing a mobile app that is inclusive of all device platforms, shapes and sizes is a major bonus in a very competitive industry.

Reach Out to the Right Companies 

Use this time to review past client reviews for the service provider you are targeting. Do they have the right accreditation? Do they have examples of any impressive clients they have worked with? How many years of experience do they have?

Contact one or more companies that meet your criteria and have a backlog of impressive clients and case studies. You can also check out Google Reviews, website news and social media to see how they interact with other customers. 

Remember that finding the right company to take on your project is the equivalent to a job interview or hiring process. They will need to prove to you that they can meet your business expectations, adhere to timescales and communicate effectively with you from start to finish.

What are the two types of mobile app accreditations?

Android Developer Certification: Google offers its own Google Developer certification which is also referred to as the Associate Android Developer certification which can be achieved by completing the online exam. 

iOS Swift Developer Certification: Swift is an iOS development certification created by Apple for mobile app developers designed to help improve knowledge of the programming language, app developer tools and core components of apps developed.

Hiring a Mobile Developer Company Checklist 

  1. Google relevant search terms such as “mobile app development company” to find the right results by location. Visit some of the websites on the first page to get an idea about how these companies present themselves. 
  2. Check they have a portfolio highlighting some of their best work in mobile app development. 
  3. Product Certifications: Do they have product certifications, such as Android Certification and the iOS Swift Developer Certification? 
  4. Do they offer strategic consultancy services from start to finish? Check they can assist you with customer support enquiries, help develop your marketing strategy and support you writing funding applications to help your app reach a wider audience. 
  5. See what is involved in their mobile app development process. Do they also offer a consultancy service? A chance to meet face to face? Help writing funding applications? Or digital marketing services to increase awareness and exposure of your new app? 
  6. Do you need the app to be built within a year in line with your new marketing campaign? Make sure that the developers taking on your project are happy with the deadline that needs to be met.
  7. Submit a form/call or email your chosen company to ask for a quote and arrange your first face to face meeting. You’ll soon have your app up and running!

Are you ready to get started with your app?

Coderus takes a strategic approach to the mobile development process, helping develop apps for mobile, embedded technologies and specialising in delivering end to end solutions across the consumer, business and enterprise sectors. 

We have experience in delivering the most challenging of apps across both iOS and Android supported by our Android Certification and Apple’s MFi program and have a talented in-house team of Software Developers, UI and UX Designers and QA Engineers to assist you along the way. 

Find out more about our mobile app development and consultancy services here. Alternatively, you can contact us directly on 01473 316868 or email us via our online form.

February 05, 2020
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