Alpeche Joins Coderus as a Summer Intern

June 08, 2015

Alpeche, a second year computer science degree student studying at Essex University, has joined us for the summer. Alpeche has been introduced to the QA test team and is currently assisting them before eventually moving over to development.
Many years’ interest in computer programming has resulted in the production of his own website, he’s undertaken a few small gaming projects and also joined a volunteering team (vTeam). As student representative at Essex University he’s taken an active role on many issues.
In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, reading, and writing his own stories. He also has a strong passion for music and enjoys going to concerts and playing the guitar.
Alpeche said “Coderus was one of the companies that impressed me the most when I was looking for a summer internship. As this is deemed to be the company’s “coming of age”, it is the perfect time to be a part of it. BT’s Adastral Park provides the perfect work environment, with a number of different technology companies located throughout the campus and many networking opportunities. The team at Coderus is very helpful, friendly and hard-working. I’m being given the opportunity to get involved in many different projects, which is very exciting! My first two weeks have quickly gone by and I have already learned many new topics that I never had the opportunity to learn at University or on my own. For example, while I am familiar with various aspects of software development, I lack knowledge in software testing. During my first weeks, the team got me involved in testing one of their applications. I learned about the different aspects of white-box testing and different testing processes such as continuous integration testing. I am looking forward to getting involved in other areas of testing and development, as well as applying my existing development skills in a real world project.”
Mark said, “It’s great to have Alpeche on board for the summer, we were impressed by his knowledge and the effort he has put into his personal projects and website. We hope he has an enjoyable time with us and gains some useful insight from working in a commercial environment”.
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