Coderus Expands Development Team with Dan

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Coderus is delighted to have Dan join our growing development team!

My introduction to Coderus was a fast one. Day one was the introduction and day two was full-on client projects! Every hour was critical, with lots of hard work, teamwork and perseverance. We all breathed a sigh of relief afterwards. It’s been an amazing experience so far, with supportive co-workers and fun challenges.

Dan, Embedded Developer

Dan started working in embedded accidentally after University, applying for a software engineering internship more than 7 years ago but wasn’t told he would be working in such resource constrained environments. It was very daunting for a uni graduate with just experience of high level languages. 

Since then, Dan has found a passion in working with the puzzles, challenges and constraints of embedded systems! 

Low memory environments and direct hardware addressing all add something extra that application level systems simply can’t give. Challenging you constantly as new hardware is released and innovative ways to use it falls to Embedded developers to provide the Next Big Thing!

Dan, Embedded Developer

Previously, Dan has worked in the defence, aerospace and broadcast industry to help make client visions a reality through a very wide variety of products, ranging from missile systems through to system critical power distribution systems. He’s been tasked with everything from protocol implementation to full on system realisation from specifications in limited number teams.

The two big things Dan likes to do in his spare time is photography. He loves to travel to places where everything is different, where he has to learn parts of the language to get by and gets to lose himself in someone else’s culture! Photography goes hand in hand with this, allowing him to capture different perspectives and help others reflect on scenarios different than their own. 

Dan mostly does travel photography, but occasionally dabbles with portrait, Macro and landscapes!

Are you looking for a new challenge in your development career?

Coderus is looking for talented developers to join our growing team and support us with exciting in-house and client projects! 

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May 14, 2021
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