Welcome Jack Our First Apprentice

August 18, 2015

A first for Coderus, having tried to identify suitable candidates through an apprenticeship agency without success, we eventually located Jack Tolley as a possible option through a personal contact. Coincidentally Cameo Training arrived on the scene, who specialise in IT apprenticeships and could plan and deliver his training.

Copleston High school sixth former, Jack has real ambition and determination, his recent excellent A/AS results means his favoured York University degree in Computer science is confirmed for next year, followed by a Masters in Artificial Intelligence.

Since joining Coderus, Jack has been in the QA test team learning about our high quality testing procedures and the test management systems we use. He’ll have the opportunity to be involved in software design in a couple of months, building on his personal, self taught software language experience.

In addition to his strong academic results, Jack has been involved in leadership activities at school and has a Duke of Edinburgh’s bronze award, covering volunteering, sports and hiking amongst other skills. He’s keen to keep fit and enjoys board gaming, in particular, Risk and Pandemic.

I joined Coderus because they offered a gap year with experience relevant to my future field of study. I believe the skills and knowledge I obtain here will aid me in my future endeavours, both personal and in university.

Jack, Apprentice

We have been very fortunate to have identified Jack, who is clearly very talented. We are happy to support him through an IT apprenticeship with Cameo in the coming year and internships while at uni.

Mark Thomas, Founder CEO
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