Coderus Launches Coderus Creative Concepts

coderus launches coderus creative concepts

What is Coderus Creative Concepts?

Coderus Creative Concepts is a new learning and development campaign we are launching to give back to the local community and showcase our team’s great research and design skills whilst encouraging creative, outside-of-the-box thinking.

There are 3 key parts of the campaign that we will be taking part in, which are based around our core values:

  • Innovation: To facilitate local innovation, students can submit their creative app ideas to us. The goal is to assist students who have innovative ideas but lack the design resource and mentorship to launch their project. Once the initial designs have been completed, we will connect the students with local tech groups and potential mentors who can assist them in cultivating their idea and pitching it to investors.
  • Imagination: To ensure our team is engaging in out-of-the-box thinking, we will hold innovative creative thinking workshops to develop new app concepts from scratch, or analyse and recommend improvements to current apps on the market. These will be accessible for partnerships/investment, but are mostly to emphasize the design expertise and creative thinking of our team.
  • Continued Learning: To ensure our team is progressing their own personal projects, we will help our team members with the design and marketing resources they require to push these projects forward.

Inspired by the news around dating apps in February, our first “Creative Concept” is a dating app designed specifically for friendly tech-minded people and neurodiverse individuals.

Giving Back to the Local Tech Community

We have met exceptional development and marketing students with innovative ideas for apps and technology, but only possess half the skills required to make these ideas reality.

We seek to bridge this gap, and our new campaign will provide these students with initial designs and consultancy they can use to get started and hopefully complete.

Our team is hoping that students at local universities in the East Anglia region will submit their ideas so we can help them jump start their product.

If we get more submissions than expected, we will be reaching out to local companies to assist in the project.

Importance to Our Team

We have an incredibly talented in-house design team whose strengths deserve to be showcased beyond the audiences of our clients.

It will also give our team an extra outlet to display their design expertise whilst enhancing their existing skills – giving them more opportunities to design apps for sectors they are passionate about or have a special interest in.

How can you get in touch to submit ideas?

If you have an idea for an app you’d like us to reimagine or create from scratch, click here to submit a form expressing your interest, with some details about the concept.

February 26, 2021
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