My Career Path at Coderus

February 18, 2019
team of coderus developers having a chat at adastral park

At Coderus we pride ourselves on having people that are passionate about what they do. We are one of the one hundred and seven Innovation Martlesham companies based at Adastral Park.

At Coderus, developers, testers, and marketers are all working collaboratively in an open-space office striving to achieve a common objective: delivering the best results for our clients. And even though at Coderus we are passionate about what we do, choosing a career path is not always easy. There might not be right or wrong answers, but there are probably successful or unsuccessful decisions. 

Working within the tech sector is challenging and every day is different. The days at Coderus are busy, but we always try to have fun alongside doing what we love. Meetings, training, and chats covering the latest updates on the technologies we’re working on are only a few of the activities that make up our days. 

Our team members are the best examples of the opportunities for progression within Coderus. It requires a lot of effort for someone to find a suitable career path, but Coderus will provide you with the fertile ground to thrive and further develop your professional career. Many members of the team joined Coderus straight after graduating from University, sometimes after having completed internships here, and have been developing their skills and progressing professionally. Some of the first Coderus employees started back in 2012, and they have remained with the company ever since, growing and taking on more responsibility. Managing teams, leading projects and meeting clients were just some of the opportunities that members of the team had along their way. The team gets the chance to attend workshops and meet with clients in Taipei, San Jose in California, and Shenzhen in China, and also attend worldwide conferences such as IFA in Berlin – always alongside sight-seeing and having fun! 

As well as this, team members get to work across a variety of projects and platforms for lots of different clients, as well as some projects of our own, picking up skills and experience in a variety of areas. 

With a commitment to the highest standards of quality, Coderus has achieved many globally recognised accreditations and certifications. Being an IET Enterprise Partner, a member of Tech East and Apple’s MFi program, and having team members with Android Developer, Microsoft and ISTQB certifications speaks to our core value of quality. Due to our ongoing commitment to developing high-end results, we encourage all the members of the team to strive for continuous personal and professional development. And with a large number of certifications and accreditations under our belt, we can safely claim that we strive for the best.

Two of the leads said:

Often what matters is the journey itself, and at Coderus it’s safe to say that we enjoy it. Starting my career here, moving into a permanent role and now managing teams, the journey has certainly been educational.

Growing with the company is what I like the most. Here, I learnt never to stop striving for the best version of myself.

Coderus recently welcomed a new member from France into its family. Paul-Antoine did his internship abroad as part of his engineering diploma at CESI Exia. Paul-Antoine joined the QA team and helped them with Software Testing. 

Coderus not only allowed me to expand my knowledge within the field but also expand my professional and personal network. It was great working with so many people with different backgrounds.

At Coderus we believe that you should never stop striving for the best version of yourself. Whether you are just starting your career as a graduate or you already have many years of experience, you should always try to enrich your skill set and capabilities. Broaden your horizons and try to fulfil your career goals with a company that best suits you and your needs. See all our available roles here.

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