Coderus Enhances Project Management Offering with Claire

claire mcavoy new starter coderus

Coderus is proud to have Claire McAvoy joining us as our new project manager. Claire will be assisting the team with an embedded delivery of UI, PCB and firmware delivery for one of our clients, as well as a couple of software delivery projects for another client’s mobile app and web integration (including presentation, business and data layers, backend databases and servers/cloud architecture).

Claire has had an exciting and varied career, where she has gained over 30 years of experience across the full development cycle, with over 20 years of that time in being in project management, managing budgets between £60k and £1.1M.

Her career began at 16, working in tech support for a brilliant cross platform 4GL development product, OMNIS. From there, Claire fell in love with the Apple Mac (SE30 is still her favourite) and juggled a tech support manager role with being a mum for a couple of years.

Following this, Claire had a number of roles in development, system administration and data admin before she settled into project management – where she has realised that her life goal seems to be creating the perfect delivery model that works like a well-oiled, highly productive and happy machine!

Claire has also worked as a consultant for blue chip clients, large scale E2E projects and programme delivery across a tech stack of over 125 systems, networks, infrastructure, processes and people, implementing a number of DeliveryModels by taking the best bits from each of the many methodologies out there and tailoring them to fit.

I’m proud of each and every team member who contributes to delivery success, helping their team-mates along the way. Both successes and failures are a team responsibility!

Outside of work, Claire enjoys spending time at home with her family, including her dog Otis and values the simple joys in life, such as walking in the countryside, a lovely hot bath, a nice gin and tonic, sunshine and a white sandy beach.

Some of her other interests include 80s, 90s and techno music and BBC radio 4 comedies, with David Sedaris, Adam Buxton and Miles Jupp being some of her favourites.

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December 09, 2020
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